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The atmosphere in the car felt awkward and rushed. It was very odd, considering that my moms and I usually had a comical, comfortable relationship; nothing like this. I had no idea what was going on. They were acting so distant right now, making this "vacation" sound too good to be true.


She didn't reply.

"Where are we going? How long is this gonna take?"

No answer.

I began to feel suspicious now. The road we had taken was anything but new. I recognized the familiar landscape and forestry of the city. It didn't look like the path to any vacation destination whatsoever.

I asked a few more questions but they all went unanswered, so I just gave up on it. I hesitantly rested my head against the window and watched as blurs of green whisked by. It was an ironically sunny day out. The weather paled in comparison to the dark vibe in this vehicle.

I was still slightly embarrassed from yesterday, but I also thought my parents were being stupid. Everyone was straight. It shouldn't have been a surprise to find out that I wasn't gay. I mean, who wants a dick in their ass, am I right? All the years of them telling me, "be gay, be gay, be gay," really had no effect on me. I had always tuned out on their opinions because they were ultimately wrong.

"There it is," Mom whispered blankly to Mami, inconspicuously pointing to the left.

I furrowed my eyebrows, wondering why they were being so secretive. Maybe they wanted to surprise me?

The car turned to the left and we pulled into a long, long driveway. As we continued cascading down the paved path, I noticed how suspiciously endless it seemed to be. The driver and passenger remained silent while I was left to wither in my own confusion.

Nothing surrounded the road. Only grass, empty space, and a few trees. It wasn't until a full minute later that I began to see signs of civilization.

A tall, church-like building came into view as we proceeded beyond an open gate. I recognized it immediately: another branch of The Church Of Satan.

Today wasn't worship day, though, leaving me confused. This wasn't our normal building, either. It was all black with a large pentagram under the tip of the roof's triangle, as usual, but something seemed different.

I tried once again to ask what was going on, but to no avail. The atmosphere in the car was eerily quiet as we began to drive around the pentagonal structure and into a small parking lot. Before I knew it, the engine was being shut off and the silence became even more apparent. My moms gave each other an inclusive look, making me wonder what kind of "vacation" this really was.

"Out," said Mami. "Get your suitcase." She avoided all eye contact, instead calmly exiting the vehicle and shutting the door in a creepily careful manner. Mom followed, mimicking her actions.

I obeyed, hesitantly pulling on the handle and opening the door, proceeding to get out. After I had grabbed my luggage from the trunk, undoubtedly confused, the two made their way over to me and grabbed onto each of my hands as if I were a child. The handle-loop on the suitcase rested around my wrist, being dragged along as we walked.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused. I tried to pull my hands away but ultimately failed. "Oh, come on," I sighed. Was this some kind of joke? "I'm a perfectly grown-up teenager, guys. I don't need help crossing the parking lot," I assured them, trying to make healthy conversation for once. I even added in a chuckle for good measure, but neither of them laughed or even smiled. Their grips didn't falter as they started walking around the building with me, hand in hand.

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