Amina & Niall

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"Alright love?" The drunks across the street yell at you, as you make your way back home from a late night at the office. You regret now wearing the tight black skirt and stilettos- especially as the drunks start yelling more abusive things. You just keep your head down and keep walking. You hear footsteps behind you, and start to freak. "Touch me and I will kill you." You growl.

"Oh, nice to see you too." A familiar voice says. You look up and see Niall, your colleague. "Oh, sorry Niall, I just thought-" You start to say, before he cuts you off. "Don't worry, I get what those guys were saying." He said, curling his fist into a ball. You look at him surprised, and drag him round the corner and onto London Bridge (note- not tower bridge). "Why are you so angry at them?" you ask, stopping and facing him. He sighs and leans over the bridge fencing, running his hand through his hair. "Cus they were yelling horrible things at you, didn't you hear? And said they would do things." He said, cracking his knuckles. You lean next to him, tilting your head to look at him better. "Why do you care so much? I don't, and I was the one they were yelling at." You say. He blushes, and looks up to the dark sky, where a few stars were showing through the city glow. "Would you believe me if I said it was because I love you?" He says, unexpectedly. You look at him, your eyes wide. "What?" You say, thinking you misheard. He shook his head. "Knew it." He muttered, walking away. you run after him and grab his hand. "Niall! I would believe you." You say softly. he turns around and catches your face in his hand. He strokes your cheek softly, before leaning in to kiss you. You hold your breath, and feel shivers going down your spine as his soft lips brush against yours. As he kisses you, you feel him smile. He pulls away, before saying "I've waited months to do that." You smile, and let him walk you home. Work was going to be a lot more fun now.....


No. 15 in the series!

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