Chapter 17

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Harry awoke the next morning, bleary eyed, and confused. He looked around the hospital room, to find Louis and Gemma sitting next to each other on a couch on the side of the room with their heads thrown back, snoring away. His mother was slouched in a chair next to his bedside, holding his hand. “Mum?” Harry said groggily, as he squeezed her hand, until she flinched, and sat upright with a hiss of pain. “Yeah, honey?” Anne winced while massaging at the back of her neck with her free hand. “Let’s go home, please?” Harry’s face was utterly pale, and tired, but Anne didn’t have control over when he would be cleared to leave.

                “Babe, we need to stay here for a little while, yeah? The doctors need to make sure your stable enough to go home, and I’m not sure how long that’s going to take.” Anne said, while rubbing Harry’s hand. “But I’m okay now, mum! I promise!” Harry shouted, a deep frown forming on his face. “I know you might feel okay now, but there are some tests the doctors are going to have you do before we can go home.” Anne said with a tired sigh. “No, I wanna go home now, please?” He begged only to have his mother shake her head in disapproval. Harry huffed, snatched his hand away from his mother’s grip, and crossed his arms defiantly.

                “Don’t start with me, Harry. You need to be on your best behavior for the doctors and nurses today, understand?” Anne said sternly, while getting up, and opening the curtains of the hospital room to let sunlight in. It took all of Harry’s willpower to slightly nod his head, instead of blowing up in a mass of screaming and frustrated tears. Gemma stirred on the couch, and awoke with a loud snort that made Harry giggle loudly. “Gem, you sound silly!” Harry’s face turned red from all the laughing. “Oh, really?” Gemma said groggily, while getting up from the couch, and making fake snorting noises, to which Harry cackled happily at. She leaned over the guard rails on Harry’s hospital bed, and gave him a loud, animated kiss on the cheek. Harry giggled even more, and grabbed Gemma’s hand before she had time sit back down. “I don’t wanna do tests, Gem. Tell mum not to make me do it.” Harry pleaded with wide eyes. “Sorry, little bro.” Gemma said, while letting go of her brother’s hand, and making her way to the bathroom.

                After a few minutes of Harry pouting, Dr. Sheeran stepped into the room with a clipboard in his hands. “Alright Harry, I need you to do a blood test now, and then afterwards we’ll do a quick MRI.” He said, while inviting a nurse into the room, and setting his clipboard on the end of the hospital bed. “I don’t like needles…” Harry mumbled, while covering his body with the sheets. “It’ll only take a couple minutes buddy.” The nurse reassured. “Mum-ma!” Harry yelled from underneath the sheet. Anne came over, and gently pried the sheet off of Harry’s body, and moved him to a sitting position on the bed. “Cooperate.” Was all Anne had to say to make Harry start crying. “I don’t want the needle!” He whimpered. Anne sighed, and wiped the tears off Harry’s cheeks with her thumbs. “Take a deep breath in,” Anne instructed, as she nodded for the nurse to begin drawing blood. The nurse stuck the needle into his arm, and attached a tube to a glass vial for the blood to collect. “And exhale out.” She finished, and Harry let out a long breath, looking away anywhere but his arm.

                Once Harry’s blood was drawn, Louis awoke to find Harry lying in his hospital bed, sipping a juice box, and playing a game on his mum’s iPad. “Morning Harry,” Louis grunted, as he got up from his uncomfortable position on the couch. “Lou!” Harry reached out his arms for a hug. Louis chuckled, and hugged Harry carefully, just in case he was still in pain. “How’re you feeling, mate?” Louis asked, genuinely concerned about Harry’s wellbeing. “M’okay, ‘cept the doctor put a needle in me. But after, he gave me juice, and mum let me play some games!” Harry smiled happily. “Cool! Are you sure you’re okay, though? Do you need anything?” Louis asked, feeling worry creep up in his chest. “Nope!” Harry said, in between sips, trying to keep his concentration on his game. “Alright, just let me know…” Louis trailed off.

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