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James Wolfe Secondary School, Vancouver

Fourth period Spanish on a Tuesday makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I'm starting to understand why Mrs Roderick was punched in the face by those actors last Christmas. She's talking about – about something or another, I think it's to do with conjugating verbs into the future tense but my mind is drifting off. 

It's the last week of school and then it's summer vacation. The whole school is buzzing at the prospect of two whole months off. This summer's already looking pretty good. Callum, my older brother, is coming back from military school in early July and then we're going to Jamaica for two weeks to visit our grandparents. It'll be great to spend some time with my brother. Since he's been at military school, I've only seen him a couple of times a year. Summer vacation means no more six a.m. wake up calls, no more Spanish with Mrs Roderick, just no more school for two months. Praise the lord.

I don't really wanna think about how fast junior year went or about senior year (and ew, college applications and exams and just no). You think you're going to spend an eternity at school but something happens to remind you that it's going to end someday.

"Psst!" Oliver hisses, yanking me out of my thoughts, "Psst! Peryn!"

I turn around in my seat to look back at Oliver Kaminski. He likes to sit at the back in every lesson so he can catch up on the sleep he lost from band practice the night before and play games on his cellphone. When he's not sleeping or on his phone, Oliver likes to mess with Mrs. Roderick by correcting her Spanish or asking inane questions with the most serious expression. It's entertaining and it does kill time but it's also the reason I'm failing this class. It would be alarming but my GPA's holding up pretty well. And anyways, there's always senior year. I'll have to ask Callie (who's surprisingly good at Spanish) or Santiago Garcia to tutor me. Jack says that I need to average a B in Spanish if I want a good GPA score.

I raise an eyebrow at Oliver. I whisper, "Yeah, what?"

Oliver brushes his dark hair back and leans forward in his seat. "So, what did Ruby say?"

I fight the urge to laugh out loud. Callie's right. He's so in love with her.

"She says she'll come," I tell him.

His hazel eyes light up as he grins brightly at me. "Seriously?"

I smile, "Yeah, so you better not screw it up."

Friday is the last day of school and Oliver's parents are out of town so he's throwing an end of year party. He's already convinced some of the seniors to bring kegs. Words gotten round and everybody's anticipating it to be the biggest party of the year. They don't know that Oliver's only throwing it so he can finally make a move on my cousin, Ruby Blakewood. Callie has been counting down the days until his party for two weeks now. Honestly, I think she just likes any reason to dance on tables. 

"Yes!" he hisses, "Thanks Per."

"You're still gonna play right?" I ask.

I told Ruby that Oliver's the lead singer in a band (weirdly named Fat Monkey Heart) and she's really looking forward to watching him perform at the party.

"Oh yeah," he grins, "but do you think –"

"Oliver! Peryn!" Mrs. Roderick snaps at us. "Pay attention!"

I jump slightly in my seat and turn to the front. She's glaring at the both of us, and I can tell by the look in her eye that she's looking forward to not seeing us at all over summer. I just hope we don't have her next year for Spanish.

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