"Shenae what are you doing?!" Eric screamed as blood began to trickle down his neck. His girlfriend looked down at him, half-naked, imposing. She frightened him, loathed him. He wanted to get away from her but she kept him firmly on the bed. Christina was right – she was evil.

"How dare you lie there and not remember my mother, the woman you murdered!" She yelled in his face, particles of spit raining on his face. It reminded him of his recent encounter with the witch when she spoke. A vein bulged in her forehead. Her eyes appeared ready to fall out. Her face turned a dark shade of red.

"I haven't killed anybody!" He shouted back at her, as loud as he could without the veins in his neck moving too much that they would meet the blade. He knew that was a lie but he didn't count the Bellisario family that tried to kill him. Shenae's mother wasn't one of them. "I don't know who your mother is!"

"Liar," she cried. She was having a mental breakdown right in front of him. He knew he could overpower her if he tried. He went to grab her arm that held the knife but she moved back. He pushed her off him. She landed harshly on the floor, the bang confirming he could make a run for it.

He pulled his boxers up and jumped over her, making a break for the living room. He ran naked across the room, not caring that he would be almost nude in public when he escaped. His erection was long gone.

A gunshot stopped him from reaching the door to exit. The deafening noise paralysed Eric. He held his hands over his ears and stumbled to turn around. Shenae stood at the bedroom door with a gun pointing straight at him.

He put his hands in the air. "Don't you dare leave you son of a bitch."

Eric did as she commanded. He gave in to her, letting her control him. She moved to the large window and closed the curtains. "Sit on the chair, now." Eric dropped onto the armchair.

"I'm so confused," Eric admitted, hoping she would let her guard down for just a second. If she got near enough to him, he could take the gun from her. "What are you talking about? I didn't kill your mum."

Shenae kept the gun pointing square on Eric's face. One simple move and he would be dead. Eric continued, hoping to appeal to her. "I love you Shenae. Why are you doing this?"

"Good looks but zero sense. Now I can see why so many people are attracted to you. I don't love you Eric, I never have, never will."

"You're crazy." Eric felt a bubble form in his throat. He really did love her and now he felt used and ashamed. He didn't want to show any signs of weakness but it became a natural reaction. A tear fell.

Shenae noticed this. "Oh, poor Eric. Fell in love with someone who wants to kill him. Someone whose mother died because of him. What a pitiful sight indeed. Man up. I feel sick just looking at you."

Eric sniffed and looked at her. He replaced sorrow with quiet anger.

"Do you know how hard it was to make love to you when I wanted more than anything to rip those eyeballs from your head? I had so many opportunities to slash your throat while you slept but I wanted you to suffer. I knew I would make more of an impact if I ripped out your heart instead."

Eric went through the memories he shared with his girlfriend, seeing them in a different light. "We've been dating for over a year. You kept up your charade for that long?"

"It was a very difficult year for me, for sure," she confessed, circling Eric, closing in on him like a lion to an antelope. "I devoted the past year and a half to getting close to you, forcing you to fall in love with me so I could finally get the vengeance I deserve."

"My father introduced you to me," he recollected. He used to remember the moment fondly, but now it killed him. "He was so taken with you."

"I did my research, I knew you were closer to him than anybody else. The best way to your heart was through your father's."

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