Eric sat in the Pandora Café alone, still reeling from his recent fight with the witch. Annabeth had to leave, saying she had to pay a visit to the warlock Gralamin. He felt sick to the stomach – finding out his father was a guardian, that warlocks existed alongside witches... that he was cursed. He couldn't wrap his head around who was good and who was evil anymore.

The pen in his hand trembled slightly. The café had grown colder throughout the day, something Christina had noted despite the heating being on non-stop. Christina finished serving a customer politely and headed to Eric once the transaction had ended.

"So what was it you said about the librarian?" Christina asked, taking a seat opposite him. He didn't want to look up; he knew he'd be distracted.

"She was a witch," Eric answered, still writing. "She almost killed Annabeth and me protecting the restricted section."

"It's a beautiful library too," Christina noted, finding it hard to stay on the topic of something bad. She wanted to keep positive, Eric could tell.

"It is. I ended up killing her with the dagger from Macbeth."

Christina had to look at Eric twice when he said that. "How did that feel?"

"It gave me such incredible strength; I hadn't felt anything like it before. It was overwhelming, and I liked it."

She hoped the power wasn't going to his head.

Eric continued. "I didn't want to kill her at first, but you should have seen what was hiding underneath her skin. It was hideous, a monster. She wasn't a person."

"I understand that, you had to protect you and Annabeth. She was evil."

"I'm sorry for leaving earlier, but I had to find out more about my father being a guardian. Turns out the only thing I really found out about was the Ripper and that it's Florica's pet and that we shouldn't kill her."

"I thought Florica was evil, though? Shouldn't we try to defeat her so she doesn't cause any harm to the people of this town?"

Eric shook his head. He finished writing on the paper. "It would probably be best to leave her be, unless she does something drastic. We'd have to suffer the wrath of the Ripper if we kill her, and it would plunge Lakefield View into darkness. It will be able to roam the streets during the day because there will be no sun. It would be absolute chaos."

Christina had to agree, though she didn't like the idea of leaving an evil person alive. "Well, it's not like it's our job to sort this town out, right?"


The bell on the door rang as it opened. The two inhabitants turned to see Shenae enter the café. Christina's heart sunk to new depths. She quickly stood up and walked away. Eric found her reaction a little surprising.

Shenae zoomed straight past Christina and sat where she sat beforehand. Eric exchanged a look with Christina as she returned to the counter.

"Everything okay?" Eric asked his girlfriend. Shenae looked depressed, her eyes barely connecting with her boyfriend. She appeared deep in thought which took Eric by surprise – every time they were together, her focus was always on him. She was, well, obsessed.

Shenae shook her head, her long hair covering her face. She struggled to speak. "I... I feel so lonely, Eric."

Eric was taken back. He didn't expect her to jump straight in. "Oh, okay. Why's that?"

"You're never around, you seem so distant. You spend more time with other people than you do with me."

Eric couldn't disagree. He hadn't realised it until now. Perhaps it was his subconscious telling him something. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise you felt this way."

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