Chapter 1

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Taehyung's POV

"The teacher is not going to be here." Jimin informs us as he walks into the detention room with Seokjin and Hoseok behind him.

"Thank goodness! We can leave! My mom is gonna be so mad!" Namjoon stands up from his desk and starts gathering his things.

"No, someone else is coming. I don't know who, though." Jimin sits down next to me.

Seokjin pulls Namjoon back onto the chair.

I shrug, keeping a strong glare towards the floor.

"What's wrong, Tae?" Jimin asks.

"I'm still pissed." I shrug again. "I got detention for the stupidest reason. And you all got it too for trying to defend me. We're all stuck in here with this in our record for a REALLY stupid reason. Mr. Ilnune is the devil!"

"Hey, man, it's ok. As long as we're here together, it's alright." Seokjin pats my back.

"A girl! A girl!" Jungkook runs into the room and looks towards us with his big eyes. "There's a girl!"

I raise an eyebrow. "What?"

"Jungkook, for the last time, this is not an all boys school. You're going to see a lot of girls here." Namjoon sighs.

"No, no! She's coming to sub for us!" Jungkook shakes as he takes a seat on the other side of me.

The door opens and in enters our student sub.

"Hi, my name is Rose. I'm subbing for Ms. Ohni." The girl introduces herself with a hands waving towards us.

I leaned back against my chair as I watched the typical honor student stand in front of the room and introduce herself.


"Um, I'll be doing attendance first. There's only 7 of you, but it's required." Rose walks behind the teacher's desk and sits down.

"Rose? That's a nice name." Jimin speaks with a kind smile across his face.

She looks up, shocked to hear a compliment. "Oh, thanks."

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