Chapter 2

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Deimos' POV

I gasped for air as my eyes snapped open. I sat up quickly then grimaced as a pain shot through my ribs, causing me to lay back down. I panted heavily, My eyes snapping around to the unknown environment around me.

I slowly regained control of my breathing and placed my mind on high alert, just in case something or someone was to suddenly jump out on me. I relaxed the tenseness in my body and looked around quickly, searching for anything lurking in the darkness.

It was just a dream.

A frightening dream as well. Why did I dream about that? I wheezed slightly as I turned to my side. "Where am I?" I groaned. I was surrounded by trees, but it was the temperature that was unusual for me. I was often on my own in the wild, so the trees weren't much of a surprise. However, where I last resided was much colder than where I was now.

Am I on someone's territory?

That was the only reason for the air to be this way.

"Cool zone", I found myself saying. "What was a Cool zone again?" I scratched my head.

I remembered that it was a place that many territories often fought for in order to own. I knew that it was some of the warmest places on this freezing continent, but I couldn't remember why. "Stupid brain", I muttered. What was wrong with my memories?

I knew that what I experienced before was only a dream, but I still found myself a little worried.

"Okay. Let's start with what I do know. First of all, I'm a guy. . . I remember that much. Name? Deimos. . . I think. No family, No friends, and my home is the woods."

"Now, for what I don't know. I don't know where I am, how I got here, and. . . What is this?" I had looked down only to realize that my stomach was heavily bandaged, somewhat clumsily might I add. I placed my hands on my ribs, which immediately voiced their distress by sending a jolt of pain through my body. I rubbed it gently and pondered on how this might of happened.

"Oh! That must be it. I must have gotten into some sort of fight. I probably hit my head or something. That's why I can't remember." I nodded in agreement to my own statement. I hope that was the reason.

I didn't ponder on it for long.

There was a strange crackling sound and I saw a strange flicker of light from the front of me. Groaning, I sat up and slowly made my way towards it.

The light slowly got brighter, and the crackling increased. As trees became scarcer, I found myself at the edge of a clearing.


On the large clearing ahead of me stood four large mansion like buildings. These white, antique buildings surrounded a large bonfire and the territory itself was surrounded by miles and miles of thick, dark woods. The area was covered by a thick layer of snow, which seemed to glow under the dim moonlight, which was almost completely blotted out by the thick clouds above.

I looked back down at my bandages, then back at the Territory. "I got into a fight. . . and someone fixed me up? Why?" I passed my hands through my hair. "Is this amnesia?"


I spun around, only to be face to face with a large werewolf. It was too dark to see the colour of its fur, but its green eyes shone brightly in the dark. He slowly crawled out of the darkness towards me, his sharp teeth shining at me a he snarled. I believed that I was supposed to be afraid. I was in no shape to fight and definitely no shape to run. I was supposed to be afraid for my life;

But I wasn't.

With a grunt, he lunged at me, his sharp canines aimed directly at me. But I was ready.


I raised my hands swiftly and grabbed the huge wolf, using his own momentum against him by throwing him against a tree. He smacked against the tree with a smash, and with a slight whimper, he slid off the tree, unmoving for a few seconds.

I smelt three more werewolves hidden in the woods, one in human form. I growled lowly as two wolves strode out of the woods, their eyes fixated at me. The green eyed wolf suddenly got up, his anger fuelling him back on his feet.

He was ready to pounce again, but one of the wolves from the woods snapped his jaws at him. Green eyes growled at the other one in disagreement for a while, but then suddenly spun around, angrily dashing back into the woods. With one last look at me, the other two wolves did the same, disappearing into the woods.

When I no longer felt their presence, I exhaled deeply, leaning weakly against the tree as my strength suddenly left me. 'Patrol wolves', I thought as I struggled to steady my breathing. They must have been patrol wolves. 'They probably thought it was easier to kill me out than to keep me here. . .'


There were four werewolves out here. One attacked me. Two came out of the words before disappearing again.

So where's the forth one?

My body instantly stiffened as soft footsteps made its way towards me. And I growled when her petite body came into view.

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