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______ made sure not to draw too much attention to herself as she walked through her college for the Arts. She clutched her music sheets close to her chest to cover the majority of her face. The only notable thing was her eyes that had a reflective tint in them. Those eyes of hers always made her look like she was on the brim of tears.

As she looked at the pictures and awards that filled the school, she realized how poor her work looked compared to such beautiful and experienced idols. She gulped, hoping to swallow down her anxiety. It was until she saw someone else staring at a picture in complete awe that she felt as if she wasn't alone.

He wasn't that much taller than her- only about 5'6" compared to ______'s height. He also had wavy hair, but it shined with a golden highlight that couldn't dare come close to the reflectiveness of hers. He wore a tied bandana as a headband and a baggy clothes, giving the impression that he was some kind of dancer.

As ______ was caught staring, the stranger turned to her; his cat-like eyes narrowed on her. He had caught her scent of perfume and slightly frowned. ______ quickly turned the other way and pretended as if she wasn't staring. As ______ moved locations, a group of students started crowding around the stranger with smiles on their faces.

"Suga! There you are! I swear, each time we lose you we find you at that same spot."

"You must really like this guy, huh?"

"You weren't sleep walking, were you?"

Suga laughed and started walking with them to their first period class. When Suga told BTS he was going back to his college art school at the last minute, most of the people around him had thought he had gone crazy. The truth was, Suga felt his work was getting sloppy so he decided to revisit the basics of music. But regardless, he was confident as always. He had his reasoning as to why he was so confident, but everyone else continued to keep their impression of him.

This was the first time Suga had seen a funny looking girl around the school. Most of the people here at the school were trainees trying to become idols, or rookies with barely any experience. ______ had only looked funny to him because she didn't seem to fit either of the categories. Regardless, one of Suga's talents was minding his own business.

But a newbie?....

All they were good for was making a mess.

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