Forget Frank?

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Simulator: um, so... Percy and Jason just about killed each other. Percy lost his arm hairs... Jason is still coughing up see water... So yeah. What would you do it Frank died

Percy: one. Of. The. Saddest. Day. Ever. We went through a lot together.

Annabeth: -_- he's roman.

Jason: No. No. No. Just, he can't die!

Piper: We're the 7! We cannot be broken!

Leo: He's scared of me... Hehe... But,er, I'd be sad.

Hazel: Die! Again...

Percy: You all perish when he dies but not me?

Piper: Um, basically yeah.

Frank: *smiles* thank you for making my day easier! Percy, you made my self esteem boost. Thank you. *turns into bird and flies away*

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