Chapter 8- Trapped

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Lorcan swiftly grabs the knife by the fire pit and steps out in front of me. I hide behind him. I watch nervously as his broad shoulders tense. He's a lot taller than me and I back up a few steps giving him room to fight the beast. Feeling useless, I'm forced to completely rely on him to do the fighting.

At some point, I need to learn to protect myself, but for now, I must carefully watch Lorcan. Who knows? He might just change his mind and leave me for this terrifying animal to eat.

"We will survive. Don't make a sound." He says while eyeing the beast.

The creature encircles us, its eyes a dull yellow. Its dark black fur has scars all over it. It snaps its terrifyingly large mouth viciously, eyeing Lorcan and I. No doubt the animal is starving. It shakes and twitches repeatedly, snarling.

Apparently, we are breakfast.

Suddenly, the wolf-like creature stops. I feel my hands grow sweaty at the tension in the air. I gulp in anticipation of the animal's next move. The animal takes a few steps backward, I almost am relieved thinking its backing away. However, it suddenly makes a giant leap toward Lorcan.

"Look out!" I yell from behind him.

He takes a step forward and jumps at the animal, like a crazy man. Is he serious, he's going to charge at it? Just seeing the animal's razor-sharp teeth and claws is enough to scare me away.

Lorcan swiftly slashes at the animal's throat using the knife. I hear a yelp, then a whimper come from the beastly animal. I'm too afraid to look, but I don't have a choice as the animal abruptly gets up and rams into Lorcan, throwing him to the side.

Immediately, he drops his knife in the chaos. I don't hesitate to grab it. I take a nervous glance behind me, I could run away now. I shake my head, he risked his life to save me. I can't be a coward.

I grip the knife tightly in my hand, taking a deep breath. The animal and Lorcan continue fighting, Lorcan narrowly missing the animals frightening speedy lashes. He has nothing to attack the wolf with.

It's now or never.

I run at the animal, even though I've never hunted. I take a guess at where I think its heart may be. I run up to it until I'm about five feet away, then I thrust the knife towards its heart. The knife, to my dismay, lands on its neck instead of its heart.

Automatically, I capture the beast's entire attention. I watch as Lorcan jumps up to an offensive stance, his arms are covered in deep wounds from the animal's claws. He stealthily grabs the knife out of the animal's neck, while it's distracted by me.

"Get away!" Lorcan hisses at me, giving me a death glare.

Abruptly, the animal surprises both of us as it turns and lunges into the shrubbery as if something scared it off. Lorcan watches the animal run off, then turns toward me. I should probably thank him for saving my life.

"Thanks...for saving me." I say with a nervous waver.

"You stupid human." He says shaking his head at me as if I'm a helpless child.

"I was just trying to help." 

"Sure you were, bet you were aiming that knife at me." He says with a cold glare.

Does he really think that I was trying to aim the knife at him, that I was trying to kill him? I was just trying to help him since he was trying to protect me. At least I hit it, so it would stop attacking him.

"I was trying to kill it, not you." I say with a grunt.

His piercing red eyes land on me and he pauses for a moment while cleaning the blood off of his knife.

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