Chapter Thirty-Five

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A knock came from my closed bedroom door and I ignored it just like I've been doing for the past week that I've been on Spring Break. My back stayed to the door as the person opened the door and stepped inside my room.

"Honey?" I heard mom ask.

"What?" I sighed and continued staring out my window. Through my dark sheer curtains I could tell it was nice and sunny outside. Too bad that's not how I felt. It's been a week since I've spoken to Jason out in the field and a week since I've stepped out of the house.

"Are you okay? I'm worried about you now. Its been a week since everyone has seen you for more than five minutes."

"I'm fine, mom." I replied. A few days ago I would've cried when asked this question, but now at this point I was out of tears.

"Dallas," she sighed and sat down on the bed. She ran her fingers through my hair and I felt the familiar sting of tears. "I know you love, Jason. And from what I could tell Jason loves you too. But he's a boy and he needs to figure out what he wants before jumping into things before they become too serious. I know you don't want to hear it, but it's what needs to be done. The same goes for you, Dallas. You're young and you need to figure out what you really want before taking things too far with Jason."

I know she's right. Jason and I were moving way too fast for our age. Our relationship was too intense for such a short period of time.

"Come on, Dallas." Mom said and got up from the bed. She pulled back my curtains, allowing the sun to shine into my room and temporarily blind me. I groaned and ducked my head under the covers, clearly not used to the sunlight anymore. "I'm taking you out."

"I don't wanna go anywhere." I answered in a flat tone. I had no energy to do anything.

"Too bad. I'm not gonna have my daughter sulk around the house like some lonely cat lady."

"Mom, go away." I whined like a five year old.

The covers were suddenly yanked away and I tried taking them back. Unfortunately, mom had flung the comforter across the room. "Go take a shower, wash your hair, and for the love of god please shave your legs. You're giving your father competition with how much leg hair you have."

Moms words hit me and I couldn't help but let a chuckle slip. Before I knew it I started laughing and crying at the same time. Mom started laughing too and took a seat next to me. She wrapped her arm around me as I continued to laugh and cry like a mad woman.

"Jesus, mom. Is this what menopause feels like with all these mood swings?" I chuckled.

"Shut up, Dallas." She pushed me with a laugh. "I'm not that old yet. Now go do what I tell you. I'm taking you out for a make over."

A make over? It was like music to my ears. I grabbed some underwear and sprinted into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later I was dressed in a white blouse that tied over my belly button and a pair of yellow shorts. My freshly washed hair continued to air dry as mom navigated her car through the shopping plaza near our house. We finally parked and got out the truck. I followed behind mom as she led me into a nail salon.

Mom and I were quickly placed into massage chairs while our feet soaked in the warm bubbling water. I sighed in content and leaned back in the chair so I could continue to enjoy the massage.

"I definitely needed this." I sighed as the chair worked out the kinks in my back.

"So what happened between you and Jason? I thought you guys were doing so good?" Mom asked.

A pang of hurt thudded in my chest at the mention of Jason. I was trying to forget Jason but it was hard. "There were too many issues in our relationship. Too many people interfering and it was getting way too serious too fast for the both of us." I shrugged and fought to keep my tears from falling.

Thankfully two older women sat down in front of mom and I and got their equipment ready to do our feet. "Well, your father and I approved of you and Jason." Mom said after a while.

My head snapped up at this. "You and dad approved?" I asked in disbelief. Dad barely said anything when Jason was around. Maybe just a polite greeting and a grunt here and there.

Mom chuckled. "Of course. That boy loved you and took great care of you when Austin couldn't."

"But dad-"

"Your father made his caveman noises to intimidate Jason but obviously that didn't work if he kept coming around." She laughed.

I couldn't help but laugh either and shook my head. My smile quickly disappeared and sadness washed over me. "I just wish Austin would've approved of our relationship." It hurt to know that the one person who I really wanted to approve of my relationship with Jason was completely  against it. His opinion mattered to me the most and without it I felt like crap.

"Dallas," Mom grabbed my hand so I would look at her. "I know you want Austin to approve of Jason, but you have to remember not everyone will get along. It's okay if Austin isn't on your side for right now. Right now you need to focus on fixing yourself then work on your relationship with Jason. If you don't take care of yourself first then nothing will go the way you want it to."

"I'm trying to. It just hurts." I finally confessed.

Mom sent me a sad smile and rubbed my hand. "I know it does, Dallas. But it gets better. I promise." I sent her a wobbly smile in return and went back to watching the older woman paint my toenails.


"Honey!" Mom called out as we stepped back inside the house. "We're home!"

Two and a half hours later mom and I were finally back from the hair and nail salon. Mom treated me to a manicure and pedicure then dragged me into the hair salon. I felt girly and like myself again and it felt amazing.

"I'm in the family room with the boys!" We heard dad call out.

Mom and I walked into the family room and sure enough we spotted dad on the recliner with Antonio while Austin and Evan played Madden on his Xbox. "Look at the new and improved, Dallas." Mom said.

Three pairs of eyes turned towards me and I cringed under their stares. Evan was the first one to speak. "Wow."

I blushed and shyly tucked a piece of now brown hair behind my ear. The hair stylist cut my hair into layers, dyed it chocolate brown , and straightened it. I felt different and I loved it. I was tired of being the typical blond hair blue eyed cheerleader that was given a stereotype of being stupid and ditzy.

"You look even more gorgeous, honey." Dad smiled as he bounced Antonio on his lap.

"Thanks, Dad." I grinned. My eyes flickered over to Austin who still hadn't said anything. Instead of voicing his opinion he just gave me a tiny nod. I didn't let his lack of words deflate my good mood.

"Now you'll have every boy coming after you with their tongues hanging out their mouths." Mom proudly stated and lifted Antonio high in the air. "Isn't that right, sweetie?" She gushed and rubbed her nose against his. He granted her a giggle and began blowing spit bubbles.

"They better not." Dad grumbled with a sour look.

"Don't worry, Dad. I'm not looking for anyone." I assured him and kissed him on the cheek.

Of course I wasn't looking for anyone else because my heart was still beating for a certain bronze haired, dark blue eyed boy with a smile that made my knees weak.


Sorry it took so long guys. School and wedding planning has been taking up my time. So this chapter was just a filler. Plus I remember when my mom took me out after my first break-up and I thought it was a nice way to break up all the drama that's been going on.

Remember, this story ends at chapter forty so it's coming up! The sequel to it will be called 'Catch Me if You Can'. I'll let you know when it comes out, if not just keep a look out for it. Can't wait for you guys to read it!

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