Chapter 1- Wait... What?

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(A/N: Technically, Soul's birthday is June 1st, 1996, which would make him 19 as of the time I am writing this, but I want him to be 16... So pretend he is from 1999. So Maka, is from 2000? as well.) If you are reading in 2016 or later (which I highly doubt) just shoot me a comment and I will change it.)

Speech-"Double Quotes" Speech in Mind - 'Single Quotes' (It means a character is speaking to him/herself. Like I do :) )
If anything facts wise is wrong, I will change it, if you inform me about it. Constructive criticism is very appreciated .
Soul's P.O.V-

"Is he all right, professor Stein?" I heard a voice... of a girl. She couldn't be older than I was, at least she didn't sound like it...
"He should wake up soon, after all, he is a death scythe. He does have a few bruises and cuts, but noting major. Although..." the voice, which sounded manly, was interrupted by a noise, followed by a girl's screams.
"Black Star! Behave! I'm so sorry, Professor." The girl's voice was very soft, even when she shouted... I was surprised I heard her... which could not be said for the guy... He was SCREAMING! "Soul, Soul, SOUUUUUL!" 'Wait a moment... I am Soul.. but who are these people? Why can't I place anything?' I should ask them now.

Maka's P.O.V-

"Professor, I think he is waking up!" I looked at Soul... he looked really cute. 'Wait, What? Where did that come from? This can't be...' My thoughts were interrupted by Professor Stein.
"Soul? Are you alright? How do you feel?" Soul looked at Stein, then at Black Star, and Tsubaki, then at the door, then at me. He seemed confused. 'Please be okay...'
"I'm okay... Just a question? Who are you people?" he stammered. I was in shock, while Black Star screamed and Tsubaki apologized and tried to get him to stop. Stein on the other hand, seemed cool and collected... "Must be a witch's curse... I'll look into it. Maka, stay with Soul. Try to find out how much he remembers. I'll be right back"And just like that, Stein left me with my partner and best friend, who didn't even remember me. The sooner I find out how much he knows, the better. I sighed and began;
"All right, Soul, when is your birthday?"
"June 1st, 2001".
"What is your older brother's name?"
"Wes" The interrogation continued, and it seemed like Soul remembered everything from his past. Time to ask him some questions about me... Why was I so set on this?
"What is my dad's name?"
"I have no idea. I'm sorry."
"What is that girl's name" I asked, pointing at Tsubaki
"I don't remember"
"Where do you currently live"
"I don't know"
I sighed. Looks like Soul forgot his time in Death City. But why?
"Are you a weapon or a meister?"
"A weapon"
"Do you have a meister?" I asked, really hopefully. 'Please, remember me Soul.'
"Hmmmm, I remember talking to this one girl about becoming her weapon. Her name, I can't recall, but when she found out I play the piano, she really wanted me to play. Now that I think about it, it might be my last memory. So I actually don't know." he replied. My facial expression dropped. I had figured it out.
"Stay right here, Soul. I'll go get the professor and school nurse." I stepped away from Soul's bed and called out to Nygus.

"Take care of him for me. I'll go get Stein." I called out and rushed out into a hallway, quickly fetching the route from the back of my brain. Once I arrived, I knocked on the door. The door was immediately opened, and Stein was crunched over his desk.
"Professor?" I sighed, as Stein jolted awake.
"Yes, Maka? How much does he remember?" He asked, grabbing a book off of his desk and placing it on his lap.
"Until he played the piano for me. The memory ends almost... instantly." I replied, tugging on the hair ties of my pigtails.
"Ahh, yes. Maka, Soul was cursed by a witch, to forget everything from a specific memory, that has some sort of meaning to him."Stein looked up at me once again, before handing me the book on his lap
"This book will help you retrieve
Soul's memories, since it talks about the spell in detail. It takes away all the things that have happened after the person's happiest memory, in Soul's case. "Stein stood up, guiding me to the door. "Now if you excuse me, I have work I need to get done. The whole book is on just the spell, so you can start at the beginning..." Stein practically shoved me out of his door.

'Well, That was weird... I better go ahead and check on Soul... After all, he is clueless about the DWMA.'

Soul's P.O.V-

'Where is that really pretty girl?' I wondered, lying on the bed. A nurse was in here not that not ago, but all she did was give me some pointless medicines... I wanted to see that pretty girl again.'

As I was still succumbed into my thoughts, 6 people walked in. I recognized the boy and girl... they seemed to have this air of awkwardness, but the three were new. I had to admit it, the boy's hair was cooler than mine. The three white stripes were super cool! The two girls were really pretty, but the girl that had asked me those question, she was stunning. She had these piercing green eyes and perfect smile...
"Hey Soul." said the question girl. I have to find out what is her name... as a matter of fact, these guys seem nice.
"I need a role call here. I don't remember anything. " I scratched the back of my head, yawning slightly.
"If you need it, of course. I am Liz, this is my sister Patty." The older looking of the girls... one of the blonde ones, really short top, replied. I made a mental note as different people called out their names.
"I'm Patty, this is Mr. Giraffe."
"I am Shinigami-sama's son, Death the Kid."
"I am Tsubaki"
"I will surpass god!! Black☆Star!"
"And I am Maka."

Maka... I thought, blushing just slightly. Everyone but Maka, who seemed engrossed in this book, saw it... I was in BIG trouble. After all, I have no idea what these people are like.

"Everyone, I would like to discuss something outside, once you are ready to leave for the day, come to my house. There is a few things that need to be discussed, in private. Therefore, I will be leaving now, and I suggest that you don't talk with Soul until we discuss his condition. Goodbye, Soul."

Maka definitely had a lot if authority, as everyone just stepped out of the room, with a quick glance and goodbye my way. I was really glad they were gone as this gave me the opportunity to think about Maka... was she my girlfriend? Did I have a crush on her previously? Knowing myself, I will never find out, since I keep (or at least kept) all my feelings bottled up real tight. After all, Black☆Star and Kid seemed like guy friends that you don't share crushes with... but it's not like I remember them. I fell asleep thinking about Maka, and her piercing green eyes...

Yes!!! My first chapter is all done! That was very time consuming! I hope you like the story... Bye!

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