Chapter 31

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Mira's POV
"So what's our next prank?" I asked Rina as I laid in bed.
"What time are they coming over tonight?"
"Around 5:30." I told her. We had just gotten home and it was only 3:24.
"Let's Google it." I suggested.
"We're so lazy."
I got out my phone and Googled pranks we could do. I scrolled past several stupid ones until fining the perfect one.
"How bout this one?" I showed Rina my phone and she laughed.
"Looks good but we'll have to sneak into their room again." Rina pointed out.
"True. Also, we'll have to do it when they're both sleeping in the same room again."
"This ones too hard." she whined.
"So does that mean we need to find a different prank?" I asked.
"Nah. We'll do it. It'll just take some planning."
"Hmmmm. What if we postpone movie night to Saturday and wait to they fall asleep here.... Never mind. That'd mean we'd have to clean it up..."
"What if we just drug them tonight?" Rina said with a shrug.
"How would that help?" I asked.
"Put sleeping pills in their drinks, wait till they're almost asleep, convince them to stay at Jacobs house for the night." She said. I thought about it for a moment and then shook my head.
"That's a silly plan." I told her.
"Got any better ideas?" She asked me.
"Nope. Sounds good enough. Time to go shopping." I got up off my bed and sorted through my drawers. We still had our school uniforms on so we needed to change first.
"Where'd you move my cloths?" Rina asked from the closet. Usually, I kept some of her cloths in a pile in my closet but I had moved them since we were t really talking.
"Oh they're under my bed." I said and changed into jean shorts, a black tank top, and a blue and black flannel.
"Well that's a dumb place for them to be." Rina muttered and dragged her cloths out from under the bed.
"I'll go ask Mom to see if she can drive us to the store." I said and left Rina to get changed.
"Motherrrr!" I yelled as I hopped down the stairs.
"What do you want?" she asked dryly.
"We need a ride to the store. Will you pretty please take us?"
"I can't. Go ask your dad."
"Ugh no. Pleeasssee?"
"Why can't you ask Dad?" Mom asked, exasperated.
"Because he never takes us when we ask."
"Go ask your dad."
"Is she taking us?" Mira asked as she came up behind me.
"Nope we have to go ask Dad." I told her.
"Ugh that means we aren't going to the store today."
"Exactly." I rolled my eyes and we searched the house for Dad. We found him upstairs laying in bed.
"Dad? Can you pretty please take us to the store?" I asked.
"Go ask your mom." was his immediate response.
"She said to ask you." I told him.
"I guess." He sighed and got up.
"Where are we going?" He asked.
"Is there medicine at Kroger?" I asked Rina. She nodded and replied "I think so." I turned back to my dad.
"To Kroger." I told Dad.
"I don't wanna know." Dad said.

When we pulled into the parking lot, Rina and I jumped out.
"We'll only be 15 minutes." I told Dad and slammed the car door shut.
"You get snacks. I'll get the medicine and drinks." We split off in separate directions. I looked for sleeping medicine first. I walked down the aisle, looking at the different types. Who knew there'd be so many different night time cold medicine. I picked the one that seemed the most affective. Then, I walked over to the drinks and grabbed some pop. I got out my phone and texted Rina.
'Where r u?'
'Turn around.' She texted back. Confused, I slowly turned. Standing directly behind me was Rina with a creepy smile.
"You're weird." I told her, laughing.
"That's cause I hang out with you too much." She said.
"Whatever let's go."
We paid for our stuff and walked back out to the car.
"What's all that stuff for?" Dad asked, eyeing our grocery bags.
"Movie marathon with Jay and Jacob." I informed him.
"I wasn't told that they were coming over."
"Well to bad so sad."
"How come you're allowed to have people whenever you want?" Dad asked me.
"Because I only have three friends."
"True." Dad agreed.
We got back to our house and it was 4 o'clock. We set everything (except for the medicine) in the kitchen. Then we went up to my room.
"What do we do for an hour and a half?" Rina asked.
"Netflix." She agreed.

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