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Chapter 1


The fall was hard. Colours danced around my eyes as I observed my surroundings, blinking every so often, trying to clear my hazy vision.

The space was dark and damp, filled with death and decay. I gritted my teeth at the thought of where I was. Tartarus. Could it get any worse? At least I had Percy with me. Percy!

Where is he? I thought.

Where is he?

I began to scramble for light as I searched everywhere for Percy, calling out his name in a hoarse tone. A few minutes later, I found him, unconscious, drooling like a baby. Figures.

"Percy!" I yelled, "Wake up!"

He groaned, "Annabeth?"

"Yes, come on, Seaweed Brain, time to get up."

He managed another groan and slowly stood up. There was very little light in the room but that didn't stop me from finding his lips and giving him an affectionate kiss. Even in the dim light, I could see him make one of his crooked smirks that I'd begun to adore.

"It's time we get moving and decide on a plan," I exclaimed.

He sighed, "Do we have to? Can't we just stay here and..." he paused, considering the possibilities.

"No," I said, "We need to waste as little time as possible here. We need to figure out what our plan is in order to find the Doors of Death and get out. The faster we escape, the sooner we can...spend time with each other."

"But for now, let's focus on getting out of this gods forsaken place."

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