AN: So this was requested & I kinda didn’t really know how to go about this but i tried lol 

Harry: ”Morning love.” Harry smiles sitting up to face you with a grin on his face. “Morning.” You smile back awkwardly. “What’s wrong love?” His eyebrows crease. “Erm.. nothing.” You reply. “You showered? Without me?” He notices your damp hair. “Yeah, I’ve um.. been up for a while.” You cringe at the thought of his member even remotely close to your naked body. “Well you up for a round two?” He smirks pulling you onto his lap but you immediately jump up from the pain in between your legs. “Nope, not up for a round two how about some breakfast?” You walk away before he could even respond but you can feel him hot on your heels. “(Y/n) why are you acting so strange?” He calls out from behind you. “Wh-what are you talking about? I’m not acting strange? Whose acting strange? Not me.” His arms wrap around your waist just as you grab some eggs from the fridge. “What are you doing?” You almost shout dropping the eggs to the floor. “This isn’t the first time I’ve done this (y/n), somethings wrong. Now tell me. Are you mad at me?” His lips going into a bit of a frown. “No.” You let out a sigh before continuing, “It’s just.. last night..when we were erm..” He nods with a cheeky grin. “You kind of.. hurt me .. in the.. lower region.” You look away from him a bit embarrassed with what you’re telling him. “What do you mean?” He asks confusion lingering in his voice. “It ripped Harry.” You say quickly and increase the space between you two. “Ohhh..” His long stretch of the word ‘oh’ lingers in the silence. “I’m sorry love. I didn’t ermm.. mean to..” He says softly, brushing his thumb over your cheek. “I know.” You reply quietly. “How about, you go lie down and i’ll make us some breakfast. I promise to be more gentle next time.” You nod with a smile. “Sounds good Styles.” You give him a kiss on the lips before heading back to the bedroom where you lay down and wait for him and your breakfast.

Zayn: The heated events of just a few hours ago keep you up at night. Laying there silently as Zayn lightly snores you can’t seem get comfortable with the pain in-between your legs. Your mind travel back to Zayn’s hands running ever so lightly down the skin of your naked body, his lips leaving little love bites whenever he had the chance, his fingers working just where you need him but as the thought of his large member in you crosses your mind you cringe. You’ve had sex before but he usually gave you time to adjust before thrusting into you. This time, there was no time to adjust, just his hips slamming into yours. You get up from bed needing to find a way to get the pain to go away. Your mind goes straight to something cold.. ice? Trying you best to not rub your legs together, you make your way to the kitchen where you grab a little baggy and fill it with ice. You decide you can’t wait another minute, you sit on your counter top, your back facing the kitchen entrance as your hand dips down to your throbbing pink area lightly gliding ice over it. As weird as it was, it was really helping. “There you are, what are you doing?” Zayn’s voice startles you and you drop the ice. “Dammit.” you mutter hoping of the counter and picking up the ice. “Is that.. ice?” He questions walking into the kitchen. “Yes. yes it is.” You say matter-of-factly. “Were you..” “Yes i was.” You walk past him towards your room. Once in your room you turn to be met with a very confused Zayn. “You were a bit rough this time okay.” He lets out a chuckle, “Too much to handle babe?” He smirks and you roll your eyes. “Why don’t you just take a cold bath?” He suggest walking up to you placing his hands on you hips with a grin. “I might even join you.” He cheekily says planting his lips softly on yours.

Niall: As soon as you Niall got home, his hands were all over you, leading you to the bed. His lips met yours, everything going faster than usual. The kiss was full of lust, passion, desperation. It was as if he thought you’d slip away. Your lip lost touch when his went down to your neck sucking, and nibbling, sure to leave a few love bites in the morning. His hands traveled all over your body landing at the hem of your shirt lifting it over your head. His lips traveled up your stomach, through the valley of your breast, past your collarbone, up your neck, to your lips. They stood there while he unclipped your bra, tossing it aside. His hand cupping your now exposed breast, your kiss deepening. You tangle your fingers in his hair as he dips his head to suck on your nipple, one hand on your hip, the other on the breast that wasn’t getting attention. A few moans slip your lips and his hands start to travel south. He slips his right hand in your shorts, rubbing gently over your knickers. You lay down on your back giving him more access to your throbbing core. He scoots down so that his face is now in front of where you wanted him most. He pulls you shorts off along with your knickers, throwing them to the floor. “You’re so wet love.” He says, his warm breath hitting your area, driving you mad. Before you know it his pants are off and he’s slamming himself into you, his hands prompt firmly on you hips as his thrust get harder and more rough. You watch as he takes his bottom lip in-between his teeth biting down as he focuses on his thrusting. You yelp in pain when his thrust get worst while his lips start attacking your neck again. “Niall..” You say breathlessly. “Babe..” You try again but it begins to get pleasurable so decide on trying to ignore the pain. You both hit your highs and as soon as Niall’s body hits the sheets your up and off to shower away a bit of blood he had caused but you’d never tell him.

Louis: “The boys are here, do you want to come say hi?” Louis says walking into your  shared bedroom. You turn over in bed with a groan, “I’m naked.” You hiss and he chuckles. “Well yes, we did have a bit of fun last night.” He wore a proud smirk on his lips remembering the events of last night. “You’ll have to be more quiet next time love the neighbor came over to make sure you were alright.” Your cheeks warm up with embarrassment as you chuck a pillow at Louis. “Go away.” You playfully say sitting up. “You were the one yelling.” He says putting his hands up. “You were the one pounding into me.” You reply sharply. “Yeah, i suppose it did get a bit rough last night didn’t it.” He winks. “Yes it did, I’m not talking to you.” You joke and he walks over to you. His hand on the side of your face as he leans in for a kiss but when he crotch gently brushes yours you wince in pain. “What was that?” He chuckles and you push him away. “That was pain, caused by you, last night.” You get up walking to your drawer to get some clean clothes. “Was it really that rough?” His smile never leaving his face. “Yes you prick.” You answer. “I guess you just can’t handle how big i am.” He was so proud of this. “Yep, I guess you’re right, I’ll just have to go out and find myself a new lad whom I can handle.” You shrug and he turns you around, his hands placed on your bum. “Okay, I’m sorry..” His breath on your lips, his face only inches away from yours. He leans in to tenderly kiss your lips. Your hand wrapping around his neck deepening the kiss. Once you two pull away he smirks again, “But you liked it.” He chuckles giving you a small slap on the arse before walking back out of the room. 

Liam: “Liam wait… fuck.. i think you ripped it..” Last nights turn of events replays in your mind as you shower, and slowly and carefully get dressed. The pain had some how gotten worst but you lied and told Liam you were fine. All you wanted to do was lay in bed and not move as much as you could but Liam had invited the boys over and before you could protest they were all already in your living room. “(Y/n)? You almost out love?” You hear Liam call out from behind the bathroom door. “Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” You reply taking a deep breath and pulling you shorts up, slowly. You hiss when the middle lands on your crotch where you were completely in terrible pain. You brush you hair out and head over to the couch, where the boys all sat. Trying to look as comfortable as possible you take a seat on the chair by the couch. You look around and realize Liam’s not there you shrug it off until he walks back in, “Hey that’s my seat!” He says playfully pouting and you let out a giggle. “Well it’s mine now.” “Where am I supposed to sit?” He question before his face lights up with an idea. He walks over to you and just as he’s about to take a seat on your lap your eyes go wide and you push him away causing him to fall forward. The other boys laugh but he gets up with his eyebrows creased, “What was that for?” “Ermm last niiigghhtt.” You eye him but Louis catches on before he does. “Liam and (y/n) had rough sex last night!!!” He shouts and they all burst out with laughter.

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