Chapter 10

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A piercing cry filled the air followed by a baby's wailing. Where was the baby? It was too dark to see anyone else. A slithering whisper filled the void with its disturbing mantra, "You'll always be alone. You'll always be alone. You'll always be alone."

The baby's crying became louder until it suddenly stopped. The whisper's prediction became truth.

Dani awoke with a groan.

"Ms. Deleon? Ms. Deleon are you okay?"

Dani opened her eyes and saw faces above her that she didn't recognize.

"It looks like she took a pretty big spill, but she'll be alright," a male in his late thirties said as he flashed a light in Dani's eyes. "Did you get dirt in your eyes when you fell? They look irritated." He had light brown hair and eyes that reminded Dani of green obsidian.

"Who...who are you?" Dani croaked, trying to raise a hand to her aching head.

A gentle hand held hers and placed it back down, "Don't try to move too much. You fell by the lake and hit your head on a rock. You were unconscious when we found you."

"The lake?" Dani didn't know what he was talking about but forced herself to endure his touch. The doctor checked her reflexes, her pupils, and asked her several questions that Dani was able to easily answer.

"Yes, the lake. Don't you remember? Does your head hurt, Ms. Deleon?" the man asked.

Dani shook her head, "No, I feel fine. I feels a little painful but not from a headache. More like from being hit. I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name."

"I'm Bart Silverman. Dr. Bart Silverman. You seem to be fine other than not remembering the lake. Perhaps we should take you to the hospital."

"No! I'd rather not go to the hospital please," Dani cried. Accidentally being touched by people in the hospital always led to horrible dreams.

"Are you sure she doesn't have a concussion?" a female voice that Dani didn't recognize asked.

"Where's her fiance?" Dr. Silverman asked.

"He's outside with Bo. I asked Bo to keep him calm since he was acting like a roaring lion earlier," the woman named Shelly explained.

"Well they are engaged," Dr. Silverman reminded her. "It's no wonder he was so upset."

"I know that doctor but still...he was acting like someone did this to her on purpose. It was clear as day that it was an accident."

"Be that as it may, go outside and let him know she's conscious."

Dani heard a door open and close, "Where am I?"

"You're in your cabin right now. Your intended carried you in here. My wife and I are both doctors, plus we have several nurses on staff here. You're in good hands. Trust me."

Dani closed her eyes to try and process everything Dr. Silverman had just said.

"Dani?" Hearing Jax's voice, Dani opened her eyes.


"Dani are you alright? Tell me you're alright Panda Eyes," Jax kissed her forehead and held her cheeks in his palms.

"Jax," Dani whispered, pulling her head out of his grasp.

"I'm right here. Does anything hurt? Are you okay?"

"Jax...where...where are we?"

It took a moment for him to understand what she was asking, " What do you mean? We're in our cabin. We're at Majestic Waters, remember?"

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