The Dead Poet's Game

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The following is a set of brief instructions on how to play the Dead Poet's Game. Most of you have probably never heard of this ancient phenomenon that circled around England in the late 1800's during the Industrial Revolution. This practice can still be used by certain people. But I must warn you that what you will partake in is extremely dangerous. You must follow all instructions perfectly or else your life will forever be endangered.

Now, you might be asking yourselves, "What is the Dead Poet's Game?" In the late 1800's, stories of ghosts and goblins were circling all throughout Northern Europe, everybody only thought of these spirits as mere fairy tales. It was of course all too true when one night at the London Theater someone performed this exact game in front of a large audience. This man was a psychic who was mostly renowned for his unbelievable talent of precognition. Alexander Kingsley was his name. He mostly performed magic tricks and various other acts of illusion that even I can't figure out. One of which was when he seemingly cut off his own foot and then reattached it in only 60 seconds.

Of course I'm just getting sidetracked. With the craze of the ghosts and demons becoming famous throughout the world Alex used this to his advantage. He was going to play a little game that he had heard of and wanted to test out if it was real or not. The items needed are a candle, two glasses of wine, a table and two chairs. You'll see why later. Alexander heard the tales of what would happen if he played the game and thought it would be a good idea in order to bring in profit. You see at the time his tricks had... well, gotten a little stale if you know what I mean. The idea of actually summoning a ghost on stage was the perfect idea to reel in a crowd.

Soon posters and advertisements were plastered all across London. "Come and see the Mysterious Ace! For tonight, at eight o' clock, he will summon the undead from their peaceful slumber! Come and see for yourself at the London Theater House!" Of course this was back when literally everyone was a gullible idiot, although, nothing has really changed, now has it. At that very night Alexander (or Ace) was going to perform the game improperly. He wasn't acquainted with the key rules one has to follow.

The Rules:

1. You have to be alone.

2. You have to do it in the place of where someone has died.

3. You have to take everything seriously.

Alex was disrespecting these rules to the core and the punishment for not following these rules are... well, you'll see later. The setup you have to follow is that you have to be in the vicinity of where someone had recently passed away. In fact you need to place your table on the exact place in which they had died. You need to put your chair where the victim's head was pointing, and the other where the legs were. It also matters who died. It needs to be the body of a poet - hence the name.

A poet can also be described as a calm, well-spoken, and nice soul. So if your husband was a very humble and collected person, then you can play this game. The reason for this is because when you'll contact the spirit it'll often take the shape of a soul trapped in that area. If you want to have a nice conversation with the spirit, you wouldn't want it taking the shape of a demon, now would you? This brings us to the first rule.

Be alone. If you aren't alone then the spirit may possess the poor soul who didn't sit down in the 'Head Chair' as I call it. And trust me, it is very hard to save a soul from this fate. If the other person gets possessed the ghost will have full control over the body. Sometimes if it's a demon then your friend may do unspeakable things to you and anyone around him or her. The same rules apply if you don't sit down in the Head Chair or if you don't have the table placed in the right spot.

If you're like me, at this point you've probably predicted the fate of Alexander and his audience. But trust me when I say this: not following the rule in which you're supposed to act in a sensible manner is the worst one of them all. And poor Alex was a 19th century magician with brightly flamboyant colors for clothes. Not following this could haunt you for the rest of your days but the fact that Alex was breaking all of these rules was even worse.

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