The Move

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"I hate this! And I hate you!"

My loud yells sent my baby brothers cries off. My mom instantly stood from the couch to pick him up from his baby crib. "See what you did?!" My mother hissed at me. "Their is nothing I can do! Now go up to your room or something! Please I do not want to have this discussion with you again."
I rolled my eyes and stomped up our staircase as she patted my 6month old brothers back. I Headed straight to my room and slammed the door making little Dylan's scream start up.

I really didn't do that on purpose. My anger seemed to take over these days but it was because my mom was making us move. We've been living in this house all of our lives and she suddenly just wanted to make us move. It was irritating. I decided to get ready for bed hopefully when I woke up this would all be a dream and I hopefully I wouldn't be moving after all.

I woke up the next morning to loud voices coming from downstairs. When I sat up in bed I groaned at the sight in front of me. All of my things were packed in boxes, I mean literally everything, the only thing in my room now was my bed, an outfit laying at the foot of it and my shower supplies, obviously my mother did all of this while I was sleeping and I wondered how I even slept through it.

My bedroom door suddenly flew open and my little sister Camie came running in with a bright smile on her face. "Snow wake up! The moving truck is here and dolly came to say goodbye to us!." Camie concluded by turning around and running right back out of my room.

Wow we were actually moving. I hated the thought of moving out of the first house that I've ever lived in. I wasn't too upset about leaving my school, I mean it was boring and the only person I've ever socialized with was my cousin Dolly, she was my cousin and we just so happened to be tighter then rope. She was more like a sister to me then anything else. I was very sad to leave her.

With a heavy heart I prepared myself for a shower and quickly dressed myself in the pretty baby blue sun dress mom picked out for me. I gathered my stuff and slowly walked downstairs. It definitely didn't look like my house anymore because it was empty. As soon as I got to the bottom step I saw dolly standing outside on my porch from the window.

I walked outside and stood beside her watching the blue sky like she was.

"I can't believe you are leaving." She mumbles looking at me sideways.

"Me either." I answer back with the same tone. "Actually I didn't literally believe it until I woke up and saw all my stuff packed up in boxes." I admitted.

Dolly shakes her head and glances at the sky.
"Snow, you can't leave, your the only real friend that I have." A tear escapes from her eyes and I quickly hugged her.

"Dolly your the popular one remember? You don't have trouble making friends like me." I stated the facts and she frowned. "snow everyone loves you, you just hate everyone else and prefer to hang with me. Which, I love." She adds with a smile and I smile back.

Dolly and I helped my mom and the movers take our boxes to the moving truck and we even packed a few things into moms SUV. After everything was packed up and we had Dylan and Camie in there car seats sound asleep I stood outside of moms car with dolly preparing to say goodbye.

"I don't know what to say." I looked up at Dolly scared to say goodbye because that means forever.

"Just promise to call me when you get there." Dolly smiles.

"I promise." I hugged her tightly and we held each other for a few seconds. I got into the car strapped my seatbelt on then rolled down my window. Mom said her goodbyes to Dolly and I couldn't stop smiling as we pulled off.

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