When He Find's Out

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After Erin stormed out the room dragging Hunny along, Hikaru and Kaoru followed behind them. They were still curious as to what she wanted to tell Hunny.

As they followed them, they made sure to keep a good distance from each other, they didn't want to get caught.

They walked down halls after halls until Hunny asked Erin if she knew where she was going. Sighing, she stopped and turned around to face Hunny.

Hikaru and Kaoru quickly hid behind the wall before Erin was able to see them.

"Sorry about that, I just had to get out of there," she confessed.

"That's okay," he said, smiling. "So what was it you were trying to tell me back there?"

Hikaru peeked over at the two of them, trying to see what was going on. From what he saw Erin looked uncomfortable and nervous. He crushed his eyebrows together in confusion. 'What's making her all worked up for, that's making it so hard for her to tell him?,' he thought as he continued to stare.

"I like you."

As soon as those three word's left her mouth, Hikaru felt as if someone punched him in the gut and began to play with his heart strings, tugging and pulling. His insides twisted and turned, making him feel sick and ready to puke. But as fast as those emotions appeared they instantly were replaced with animosity. His skin inched and urged to punch something; someone. His face scrunched up and his eyes blazed up with anger. He clenched his hands tightly as he glared at the sight of Hunny and Erin.

Kaoru was beyond shocked and all this time he thought she might possibly have a crush on Hikaru. There wasn't really any signs that pointed towards that assumption, but he just had a feeling, intuition, if you will. He suddenly thought of his brother, and how he most feel like right now.

He peered over to his side and saw his brother looking at the two with a hurt expression. He knew there was a possibility that he started to harbor feelings for Erin, but he didn't know to what degree they were in. But by the pained look on his face, he knew they were pretty strong.

And to make it worse, Hikaru had no clue he felt this way for her. He confused his rising likeness for hate.

Kaoru then noticed his brother's expression changed into a state of rage, as his hands balled up tightly, and his eyes brightened with fury.

'This isn't good,' Kaoru thought diffidently, not liking the look that his twin was shooting Hunny and Erin.

Kaoru didn't think it could get any worse then this, but it did. Hunny leaned over and captured her lips with his.

He braced himself, thinking the worse. But surprisingly nothing happened.

Hikaru turned around, not saying anything to his other half, who stared at him with wide eyes as he walked away.


April 2 Friday


Page, Erin, Terra and Sora were having lunch and talking about anything that came to mind. Suddenly Terra and Sora began to giggle for no apparent reason. Erin and Page became curious when suddenly two hand's clasped onto Erin's face, preventing her from seeing anything.

The scent of cake engulfed her senses. She knew immediately that the person behind her was Hunny.

A goofy smile appeared on her face as she turned around to confirm her assumption. Erin laced her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"I missed you," she mumbled into his stomach. She inhaled, enjoying his sweet intoxicating scent of cake and strawberries.

Hunny chuckled softly as he awkwardly hugged her head, "I missed you too, Rin-chan."

Erin swung her legs over the seat and got up to hug Hunny properly.

"Oh get a room," Page chimed in. Erin glared at Page who just winked back.

Erin rolled her eyes and said, her arm's sill around Hunny's shoulders, "You just jelly."

"Shut up, if it wasn't for me, you two wouldn't be dating. So you should be thanking me, not insulting me" Page said, sticking her chin up in the air.

Erin released Hunny and attacked Page with a hug.

"Thank you, Oh Great One, without your awesomeness, I wouldn't have Mitsukuni. How could I ever repay you?"

Erin spoke with dramatic affect, making her seem like Tamaki.

"A thank you could work."

Grabbing Page's hand, Erin began to place kisses on it while muttering 'thank you' in between them.

"Let go!" Page chuckled, pulling her hand away from Erin.

Standing up Erin said, "Well then, I owe you nothing now."

After lunch, Hunny decided he wanted to walk Erin to class. While they walked down the halls of Ouran, they held hands. People stared at them weirdly when they passed by. Ignoring it, they kept walking, acting as if it was only them two in the whole school.

They were getting closer to her classroom when suddenly someone stopped in front of them. Blonde hair, evil smirk, and dull blue eyes. Aichi.

Erin glared at the blonde, Hunny smiled and greeted her.

"What do you want?" Erin asked harshly.

Completely ignoring Erin, Aichi focused her attention on Hunny and said with disgust laced in each word.

"I never thought you would stoop so low."

That made Erin's blood boil with anger but before she could even yell out a string of insults, Aichi had already walked passed her, but not before slamming her shoulder in to Erin's. The only thing heard was the sound of Aichi's heels clacking onto the marble floors and her soft chuckles.


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