Chapter 1.8

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Chapter 1.8

Leah Black

Tired, I turn around and feel around for a bit to the sound that had woken me up, my eyes still closed.

"Leeh, wake up," Maya's shaky voice whispers. She takes one of my hands in hers.

I open my eyes now, and as soon as I'm used to the bright light, I see Maya shaking.

"Hey Maya," I mumble on a rather sleepy tone, while getting up. I sit right next to her, and wrap an arm around her in a comforting manner.

"Shh," I whisper, hoping that Maya would calm down a bit. But the exact opposite happens; her tears start streaming faster, and her sobs grow louder.

She throws herself on the bed, dragging me down with her. Maya curls up while murmering some words over and over again.

"No, no, no."

"Maya, everything will be alright," I interrupt her softly, while the question of what actually happened keeps wandering in my mind.

Maya starts crying loudly now. "-No, i-it won't be a-alright."

I lay down with her, and softly rub her back. "It's okay, Maya, shh..."

Minutes pass by, and her tears finally stop coming.

"Are you feeling better?"

Maya ignores my question, pushes herself up again and dries her tears.

"Come on, let's eat."

Completely flabbergasted by Maya's sudden moodswing, I stay rooted to my spot - staring at the doorway where Maya had disappeared into.

After staring at it for a few minutes, I jump out of bed and throw on an oversized sweater, and go downstairs afterwards. Still wondering what's wrong with Maya, I walk into the kitchen and I see that the table has already been set.

Two plates. Mom and Dad weren't back yet.

They had to leave for two days, along with some other Wolves, under Alpha Jacques supervision.

Rumor has it that the Moonrise pack was expanding their territory. Alpha Jacques wanted to know if these rumors held some truth in them, and immediately took action against it when a messenger of one of the neighboring packs came along, saying that they were most likely to be their next target.

Maya was busy setting the food on the table, walking around as if in some trance while not noticing that she had already set the table. She kept walking around.

The moment she started grabbing knives and scissors and setting them on the table, I decided to step in now.

"Maya, what the hell are you doing?" I asked her, while grabbing her wrist.

"Nothing," she answers curtly while quickly averting her gaze from me, hoping that she could hide her new tears from me.

"Oh come on, something definitely happened. Maya, what's going on?"

"Nothing. Now eat," she mutters, and pulls her hand out of my grip.

She sits down on one of the chairs, and I silently sit opposite of her.

Maya's eyes were red and puffy from crying. A dull look was in her eyes, and her face was ghostly pale.


Startled she looks up, but when she sees my facial expression, she looks down.

"Maya, what happened?" I asked her, my tone of voice sounding more forceful.

"M-mom and D-dad-"

I keep looking at her questioningly, but when she drops her face in her hands, I finally understand what she was trying to tell me.

"No, you're lying!" I yell angrily, and jump up from my seat.

The sound of a plate falling on the ground, and the glass particles scattering around, was the only sound that Maya heard from me before I stormed outside.


I never cried for losing my parents. The only thing I did, was being angry at everyone and everything.

A warm teardrop slides down my cheek, and I quickly wipe it away.

He can't see me crying.

With the sleeve of my shirt, I dry my eyes while averting my gaze from Alpha Caleb.

He can't see that I'm weak.

But unfortunately, it was already too late...

Alpha Caleb gets up, and looks at me with a curious look in his eyes, "-What's wrong?"

"That's none of your business," I sneer back in a venomous tone.

Suprised, he quirks his eyebrows, "-Oh, but I think it is. So tell me what's going on, right now."


"Wrong answer," he growls and grabs me, just to take me to the couch in the corner of the room. He sits down and pulls me on his lap, something that made my Wolf cry out from happines.

Alpha Caleb closes his muscular arms around me, while burying his face in my nek.

"There, there, Kitten."

He leaves a trail of tender kisses in my nek, and wipes away the tears that were rolling down my cheeks.

"D-don't touch me," I manage to say, while trying to push him away from me.

"You don't get to say anything, so be silent," he interrupts me, while resuming his actions.

"Don't touch me!" I repeat again, my voice sounding more powerful this time.

Again, he ignores my protest, something that made me snap.

Suprised, he cups his cheek with his hand, and I look at him with big eyes. Roughly, he pushes me so that my back touched the couch, and sits right on top of me.

"Oh, Kitten," he starts, his lips curling up in a rather tempting manner. "-You still have so much to learn."

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