Chapter 7

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||Shaylee's POV||

Ladies and gentlemen I have arrived at my destination, do I get a round of applause?

Okay, back to serious mode Shaylee.

Anyways, let me tell you the line to get in is LONG. I mean, how am I supposed to get in, because with this tempo I might be in tomorrow.

So me being my impatient me, I walk to the back entrance. Not really caring about my place in the line since I barely moved since I got there.

I'm standing outside the back entrance of the club.

'Knock knock knock'

It's a metal door so the knocks are quite loud.

There is this little square peek hole in the door, and a man is looking out at me.

"Yes.?" He ask in a deep rough voice.

" could you let me in?" I smile sweetly.

"No." He said and narrow his eyes.

"Hmph, okay fine what about this then, I give you 20 bucks and you let me out?" I smirk.


I smile widely "deal!" I exclaim.

He opens the door and I hand him the money.

He leads me down a hallway and then he opens a door. You could already hear the music from the outside so it was pretty loud.

The door leads in the the VIP section and I smirk.


I sit down and order a martini.

There is a couple of other people there and they look like those drunk/junkie type so I get up with my martini in my hand and go to the dance floor.

I drink the last of it, before setting it on one of the tables.

I start dancing alone to; New Thang by Redfoo

I feel eyes on me and my ass, but I am good at dancing so it's no big chock.

After the song I go to the bar and gets 20 shots. I drown them all and I can feel that I'm a little tipsy.

Out of my corner of my eye I see to figures approaching. I turn to them and see its two guys.

They look like very much a like so I'm guessing that they're twins.

"Well they went down quick." The one on the left yelled over the music, he had on a blue outfit while the other one had orange colored clothes.

"Yeah I'm good at this shit right, bow down to me.!" I yell back with a smirk.

They both laugh.

"Im Angelo Valentino." The one with the blue outfit says with a smile and stick out his hand for me to shake. They both had a lot of tattoos. Sexy.

Should I tell them my real name?...

" Shay Gold, and it goes like this." I smirk and do my special handshake, that I always wanted to do.

He laughs as he struggles to get it right but soon gets the hang of it.

Angelo has this carefree air around him and it's relaxing.

" Shea Valentino." He smirks and we do my handshake, he has the more mature kind of air around him.

We talk and laugh the rest of the night, but of course still drinking shots. Dancing was also included.

At one point I think body shots was involved, and damn, did those twins have a body!

It was past 3AM in the morning and the music had gotten a bid lower since people was beginning to leave, well those who where still here that is

The effects from the alcohol had pretty much gone away by now seeing as we stopped drinking some time a go. And the fact that I'm good at controlling my drinks.

Shea's phone rang, he looked at the caller and his face got a bit more tense. Strange.

Me being curious looked at the caller and that said 'Boss'

||Shea's POV||

Boss was calling. Meaning it must be important.

" excuse me." I got up and went a little away from our table as Angelo kept talking to Shay.

Something tells me that she is keeping something in, but that ain't my business.

"Sup' boss?"

"Hey Shea, where are you right now and is Angelo with you?"

"Yeah his with me and we're down at the new club, why?"

" I need you to come to the HQ at 10AM today sharp."

"Sure thing boss." After that I just hung up.

He sounded pretty serious, it must be something very important.

Anyway we better get going then.

||Shaylee's POV||

I laughed at one of Angelo's jokes. He was so easy to talk to and I think we could become great buddies over time.

" Angelo, we have to go. Sorry Shay, something's come up and we have to take care of it." Shea smiled sadly.

"I understand, it's okay. Maybe we can talk some other time?" I ask.

"Of course we can!" Angelo butts in.

I chuckle, " okay then, here give me your phones I'll put in my number."

They hand me their phones and I type in my number under ' smexy Shay'

They chuckle. " really?" Shea asks with a smile.

I wink, " you know it's the truth."

I hand them my phone, " now give me your number before you go." I smile.

Angelo typed in his name under, 'Handsome Angel'

And Shea puts in ' Shea God'

They're both smirking like the cheshire cat.

I shake my head and them.

"Weirdos." I laugh.

"But you-"

"-Still love us" they say and puts an arm on my shoulder, Shea on my right and Angelo on my left.

"Really you guys, finishing each others sentence now?" I laugh.

We start to walk out of the club.

"Hey we're just that awesome." Shea smirks.

"Whatever." I shake my head at their idiotic answers.

"Text you later you morons!" I call out as we now have separated our ways, since they had to go the opposite direction.

"Love you to!" They yell back with a smirk.

I just waved it off. And walk back to the hotel. Maybe I should stay in this city..

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