Chapter 1

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Zero's POV.

I wake up and started to get out of bed so I can go to class otherwise I won't have to listen to Yuki yelling at me but also my brother Ichiru. I sigh and head to the bathroom to take a shower. I felt little out of place but ignored it and carried on.

I was just coming out of the bathroom to change out of my pyjamas so I can put my school clothes on. I jut got my school clothes on and looked in the mirror to see that my hair has grown slightly longer so I cut small bits of it off and as I turned around to put the scissors back it felt like my hair has grown again even though I just cut it. I looked in the mirror again and saw that my hair had grown so now I was freaking out a little when all of a sudden Ichiru bursted into my room and dragged me to the headmaster's office.

We got to the office without trouble and as I opened the door I could see that Kaname, Takama, Yuki, Master, Headmaster and Ichiru were all there all looking at me with seriousness in their eyes. I was confused over this so I just had a puzzled look on my face and because of that Cross started cuddling me to death.

I looked at Yuki for help and she pulled him off of me and I was grateful for that so I nodded in return. Cross then spoke "zero show me your left wrist."
So without complaints I showed him my left wrist only to find a mark on my wrist (a/n at the beginning of this chapter there is a picture. That is the mark on Zero's wrist of course smaller so it fits on his wrist.).

I looked up at Kaname and Takama to see that their eyes were the colour of blood red like when they are hungry but in this case it isn't that they are hungry it was because they are acting up to the mark in my wrist. When I looked back down at my wrist it was also glowing Crimson the same colour as their eyes.

The mark had stopped flowing and so had their eyes. Takama rushed over to me and started shaking me while Kaname causally walked over to me and then joined Takama in shaking me to the point I had no idea which was up or down.

"S-s-stop shaking me-e so I can tell-l which is u-u-up and down. " I said stuttering because I was so dizzy.

They finally stopped shaking me but I was still dizzy but I was leaning on the wall for support.

"Okay now that I can focus again. WHAT was that all ABOUT." I asked emphasising the words what and about.

Kaname's POV.

After Zero said that I looked over to Takama and nodded my head he did the same in understanding.

"Zero the mark on your wrist that looks like a swallow with a rose is to show that you are a carrier vampire second to highest level in the vampire society. That also means that you can get pregnant with babies. Here is a book on carrier vampires. You shall also be staying in the moon dorms because of this. You will also have a room of your own. That shouldn't be a problem headmaster should it?" Headmaster just nodded his head. We all then turned to Zero to see that he is actually quite clam for this but he nodded his head nevertheless and said "I knew this would happen one day but I didn't think it would be because I am a carrier vampire. "
I just nod my head and with that me and Takama left.

Moon dorms.
Kaname's POV.

We walk back to the moon dorms and I said "get all night class students so I can announce this"

The night class students are all down stairs now waiting for why I called them all. " I have called you all here because I want to announce that Zero Kyriuu will be staying with because he has the mark of a carrier vampire on his left wrist. No one is to bite him unless you want to turn to dust. No one is to make a move on him at all unless he has called for you and explained what he needs you to do. In other words treat him like m you treat me because he is on the second level of vampires though you probably haven't heard of this because they are very rare to find."

With Zero.
Zero's POV.

I am starting to this is a bad idea because I won't be able to keep my feelings a secret any more from Kaname. Might as well read that book.

- If bitten you belong to them.
- Can fall pregnant
- If you drink from a pureblood you turn into one because of the counter effects the pureblood blood have.

I closed the book and sigh. 'Oh great more problems then I could ask for. ' I thought.

Later that night.
Zero's POV.

I got ready to transfer to the night class though I am not looking forward to it or being surrounded by vampires. I just hope I can belong to Kaname soon. I also hope I that I am at the back of the classroom so they don't stare at me. Oh god this is all so nerve wrecking that my hands are shaking slightly.

I make my way over to the Night Class dorms and put all my stuff in the lobby then head over to the classrooms for class. I stand outside the classroom and I can here Kaname talking to the Night Class about having me in their class and that I am supposed to be treated with respect because of my status that I have.

I sighed. 'Well this is going to be a long night. I can already see that. '

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