Dear Dan

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AN: yes do not question me I just suddenly thought this was a good idea. I also do not have extensive knowledge of Steven Universe, so please do bare with any mistakes.

Warnings: fight/argument, swearing

Summary: Dan and Phil, in their fusion Dil, get into a heated argument, and unfuse. Phil reminds him of the first time they met and the first time they fused.

Relationship Status: together, fused


Phil thought it would be an average day. He thought it was just get up, have breakfast, do normal stuff and get back to bed. But nope. Dan just had to fight.

"I won't tolerate this!"

"They're just cupboards! Calm down!"

"This is a disgrace!"

It took a few minutes trying to supress their arguing. It was still obvious that the two of them won't stop fighting. Dil still looked heated and tense. It happened again when he was going for a walk.

"So you think that my needs aren't important?"

No Phil thought. Not again.

"I'm not saying they aren't important, I'm saying that they aren't something you should worry about!"

Dil's hands went to his head, and he stumbled trying to get to a nearby park bench.

"Are you telling me you don't love me anymore?!" Dil shrieked, a few people turned their heads around.

"You know what? Why don't you just leave!?"


Dan and Phil split up, falling on the pavement. Both stood up with angry looks across their faces. "I'm going home." Dan hissed, adjusting his hair and stomping on the pavement. A few people were still looking at them. Phil noticed their stares and walked the other direction.

Phil really had no where to go, because Dan's already at the house and he's afraid a fight might start again. He doesn't want that, he wants Dan to know he loves him. He kept walking, until he spotted at a fountain. He stopped right in front of it. He remembers the first day the both of them were at the fountain so clearly. The day they first fused.

Phil ran back to the house, knowing exactly what to do. If everything went as planned, their relationship wouldn't be so broken.

Dan laid down on their bed. He buried himself under the covers. He didn't even remember what they were fighting about. He just wanted Phil to love him. He always feared that one day, Phil would lose intrest him him. He sobbed even louder, the sheets getting wet.

Dan's awoken by a knock on the door. He doesn't know how long he's been out, but he sure does look like a disaster. His hair is going everywhere, making his black gemstone visible. His cheeks had dried up tears on them, and his eyes were puffy. His clothes were ruffled, and he just looked awful.

Dan quickly fixed his fringe, being self-concious about his gemstone. He splashed some water on his face, hoping no one would think he was bawling his eyes out. Dan quickly opened the door to find a small letter with Dan written across it, on the floor. He picked it up, opening it.

Dear Dan,

Please go to the nearest Starbucks for me.

-Phil xx

Dan knew Phil was shitty at writing letters, but he didn't know he was this shitty. He stared at the letter, debating whether or not to follow his instructions. He sighed, deciding to go to Starbucks. He put on decent clothes, and left.

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