We're sleeping together, right? he types in. But then he realizes how wrong that sounded and hastily typed again. You know, literal sleeping. Like you sleep on one side of the bed and I—

I don't even wait for Siri to finish before guffawing. "I know what you meant, Luke. I can't believe you're still timid about stuff like this. There's no need to be."

Luke lifts his shoulders, defeated. Um okay. So do you wanna do the sex?

I pause in my tracks and stare at Luke with bewilderment for a second. Just for a second. And then I laugh like a maniac while Luke stands there, not knowing what to do. "Oh my god, Luke, this is why I love you."

Luke glances at me, obviously startled by the fact that I've just told him that I love him. It's not like I'm expecting him to be surprised—I mean, he already overheard me telling his mom. And it's not like I'm expecting him to tell me the same thing anyway.

We sit down on the patio at the entrance of the hotel as we wait for the ceremony to begin. A few wedding-goers are also milling about the sand, talking and just having a good time even if it hasn't even begun yet. Across from where we're sitting is a fountain with two intersecting dolphins that are spewing out water continuously.

Luke lays his head on my shoulder as he plays the Kim Kardashian game on my phone in concentration. He's actually made me advance twenty levels in just one day. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is. I look down at him and my heart warms at how he's finding entertainment about a stupid game (that I installed despite that fact) about getting famous. I rest a hand at the back of his head, carefully stroking it as to not mess up his hairdo.

When I look up, I see Michael and Ashton having a smoke near the bushes at the front of the hotel. They seem to be talking about something serious, since no smiles are present on their faces. Ashton's gaze is dull. Hard. Michael, however, keeps his eyes soft, as if he's coaxing Ashton into something. Ashton then meets my gaze. He immediately drops the cigarette to the ground and starts walking away. Michael throws his cigarette too and uses his foot to bury it in the sand. He then makes his way over to us and sits down on the chair beside mine.

"Hey, Luke," Michael greets.

Luke acknowledges him by grinning and nodding, probably happy that at least one of my friends doesn't pretend that he doesn't exist.

"What level are you on?" Michael asks casually. He smells of smoke and peppermint, which is somewhat a good combination. The smoke somehow masks around the fragrance of peppermint in a musky-smelling concoction that I just like.

"Sixty-eight," I answer for Luke. "Mind you, I worked for the forty-eight levels. It's just that Luke levelled up to sixty-eight in just a day."

Michael nods with a chuckle. "Impressive. Us three should play some more sophisticated games some time. I'm thinking Smash Brothers."

"Game on," I say. Michael takes this stuff pretty seriously; when I beat him once, he didn't talk to me for two days. He's a sore loser, but he's a winner most of the time anyway, so moments of him sulking around because he got beat are pretty rare.

After a comfortable silence settles around us, with only distant chatter and the roar of the waves to keep us company, I finally ask what I've wanted to ask since Ashton walked away. "What were you and Ashton talking about? It seemed pretty heated."

Michael glances at Luke for a second before he shakes his head. "Nothing. Just how hot it is here. But that's just probably because I'm here, am I right or am I right?"

I roll my eyes. "Oh, please. That's just because everyone else here is cooler than you."

I feel Luke's head vibrating, indicating that he's soundlessly chuckling at my joke, so I kiss his forehead in return for finding me funny. "Oh my god, I ship you guys so hard. Fuck you, Eleanor. I'm the coolest kid here, so fuck you, but I ship you guys so much it hurts," Michael says, both of his hands on his cheeks as he coos at us like a fangirl.

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