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Watching all the bridesmaids get ready in one room is like watching a behind-the-scenes of a movie: everyone's bustling around; putting makeup on someone; curling someone's hair; straightening someone's hair; styling someone's hair. Arden is being fixed up in a separate hotel room, and I'm dying to see her. I'm quietly seated on a bench near the window since I don't require that much preparation because I'm only a guest, and not a bridesmaid. Sam is right beside me, but neither of us made the move to acknowledge each other, let alone talk. I'm sitting cross-legged and turned to the window, which is made a little hard by the tightness of the dress around my waist. Verona Palace is a wonderful place to be in at this time of the year. I watch minuscule people running around tents to fix some things, handymen threading fairy lights all around the stakes that are installed in the ground. There's a red carpet stretching from the entrance of the hotel all the way to the biggest tent, which is on the platform and makes the sky a perfect backdrop for the ceremony. White plastic chairs are arranged at both sides of the carpet, probably enough to seat around sixty people. Since the whole event is a one-whole-day thing, tables are set up all around for a buffet all day. We all have our own hotel rooms that, thankfully, are paid by Jake and Arden. The wedding is so magnificent; that I'm sure I'll cry when they finally exchange their vows.

"Twenty minutes, people!" someone hollers, and the wilder chattering and rushing ensues right after. The only colours of the dresses to be seen are black and white, making us look like chess pieces on a board. It's so simple, yet so elegant and beautiful to look at.

I go ahead and make my way out of the busy room. I go downstairs to where the men are preparing themselves. Some heads turn my way as I enter. Calum approaches me, his eyes wide in awe. "You look amazing, Eleanor."

The corner of my mouth crooks into a smile as I pat his shoulder. "You don't look so bad either, Hood."

"Dude, I'm so high right now," Calum informs me, spinning around as if to prove it.

I laugh and shake my head. "It's just a wedding, Hood, no need to get turnt."

"I'm on a cloud that only goes up, my friend," Calum states before walking—no, skipping away.

"Crazy ass," I mutter. I spot Luke peacefully seated on a chair in the corner, his eyes moving about as he studies everyone in the room. His posture is timid and rigid, as if he feels like he's violating some sort of rule if he sits comfortably. Let's face it: he doesn't really know anyone in this room except for Michael and Ashton, but those two are currently AWOL. They're probably downstairs already.

I feel my breath hitch as I get a good view of Luke. The pants are doing his perfectly sculpted legs some justice by hugging them tightly. He has the buttons of his polo done, and I can picture him trying to do it with some struggle and secret pleads of help. There's a lavender, that all the men are required to wear, pinned on the right side of his tuxedo. His suit is fitted around his body sexily, and because his whole look is paired with an irresistible lip bite, I picture what it's like to finally kiss the ever living daylights out of Luke Hemmings.

I shake the thought away grab his hand before he even noticed me. "Let's go downstairs." I hand him my phone without even thinking about it.

You look absolutely gorgeous. Like. Fuck. Wow. Siri says, to which I respond to by biting the inside of my cheek to suppress a smile.

"You look sexily handsome, Luke," I whisper into his ear. He visibly shudders. I giggle and lean onto him as we walk down the hallway. "This place is beautiful. Join us for the barbecue later, okay? Don't just lock yourself in your room."

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