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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 34 ~ Bye


I woke up to yelling.

The voice sounded like Landon and he seemed to be yelling the word 'stop'.

I didn't want to get out of bed, it was so warm sleeping with Walter. However the noise had woken me up and I couldn't go back to sleep as it was morning anyway.

I reluctantly got out of bed ignoring the dull pain between my legs and slowly maneuvered Walter's limp frame so as not to wake him. Stepping into the corridor the shouting intensified and I quickly shut Walter's door.

"Melody stop!!" Landon cried running after his daughter who was about to attempt descending the stairs at top speed.

She was stark naked and her hair was wet, obviously just come out of the bath. Gosh this child was so rebellious.

Severn, Gomez and Giovanni all stepped out of their room and Gomez grabbed Melody before she got to the stairs.

"Thank God," Landon panted, slowing down to a walk.

The triplets were looking curiously at Melody and Landon snatched her away, shielding her from their eyes.

"Have you never seen a vagina before you perves?" He frowned at them after empathizing the word.

"Actually no I haven't, not in real life anyway," Gomez answered cheekily with a smirk. His blonde hair was looking so messy I could barely see the streak of brown in it.

Landon gave him a look then threw something at him which made him jump and wince in pain.

"Serves you right bitchhh," Landon smirked and took his child back into the bathroom.

Gomez clenched his jaw and went downstairs, Giovanni followed him but had his eyes and fingers glued onto his phone and Severn's eyes were practically falling shut. The three of then identical, yet different.

I walked back into Walters room and saw that he was sitting up.

"What's so funny?" He asked rubbing the bruise on his face.

"Oh nothing much," I let out a laugh. "Your brothers are so funny."

"Which ones?" Walter questioned.

"The triplets and Landon," I said.

Walter smiled and then yawned.

"We have to go to school today right?" he asked. 

"Yep, no getting out of this one. You do realise we are going to get in trouble for bunking off yesterday."

"What sort of trouble?" Walter asked curiously. 

"After school detention, and anything could happened in that. It depends what teacher is on duty," I answered him.

 "Alright then," Walter got out of his bed and walked over to his chest of drawers.

"I'm going to get ready," I said.

Walter caught my wrist and pulled me in for a quick kiss.

"Let's hope no one heard you last night," he murmered. 

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