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A few days later of skipping school, Michael told me that Ashton had broken up with Kylie. I stared at him for a while, not fully believing what he said because Ashton was so insistent on not dating her. I hugged him, and he chuckled at my excitement.

"I'm gonna go see him." I rushed out with a wide grin, and what made it worse was that I wasn't sure if I was smiling because Ashton was single or that it would get me out of this fucked up place.

I shook my head, time somehow speeding up as I made my way to Ashton's house. I knocked on the door. I looked up to see those golden eyes that everybody had been writing about, and the curls that I wanted to pull my fingers through.

"You broke up with her."

"I figured we could try again later." He mumbled, frowning as he looked at his feet.

"Can we kiss until then?" I asked, and half a smile made its way onto my face as I stood on my tippy toes.

"I want to . . ." he said, putting his hand on the doorframe and the other on his hip. "Um, it doesn't count if nobody knows, right?" he asked, giving me an unsure look.

I nodded and he pulled me in, kissing me as he shut the door. I pulled the zip on his jacket down, revealing his toned chest. I sighed in content as he kissed my neck, leaving little red marks along the way. His lips made his way up my neck, ghosting over my skin and up to my ear.

"What are we going to do with you, baby?" he asked, his husky voice making me breathe out a shaky breath. He just made me feel so small, but I didn't completely mind. My eyes were shut as he took my shirt off and played with the buttons of my jeans. I opened them once I realised he was putting my down on the carpet.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled, holding his face so he would slow down.

"You don't want to be fucked?"

"I haven't been fucked."

He got off of me and his hands were either side of me as I watched his pupils contract slowly. Knowing that he was gradually getting less turned on, kind of discouraged me a bit as I slid out from under him.


"Don't say that." He shook his head, smiling a bit. "Don't apologise for not wanting to have sex." He kissed me, long enough to close my eyes, but not long enough to feel it. "I didn't want to do it my first time either. I'm not letting you feel the same way I did."


I hadn't read about this. I knew I wasn't up to chapter twenty-four yet. So, eagerly, I listened in to what had happened to potential Ashton Irwin. He was nervous as he talked, fidgeting the same way real Ashton would and not bothering to meet my eyes.

"A guy told me that I would like it. That I was just feeling uneasy because I was nervous about it. I told him to stop, but once he was on top of me, it was hard, okay?"

"Oh my god." I whispered, tackling him in a hug.

"It's whatever. I can barely remember it now." He lied.

I kissed him all over his face, hugging him again. "I'm so sorry, babe."

We both stopped, knowing what I had said. Ashton and I pulled away from each other, and he looked at me, smirking with an eyebrow raised. "Babe?"

I nodded. "Babe."

He smiled, kissing me. We sat like that for a while, kissing occasionally, and just observing. I watched the way he stared at me, the way his chest rose and fell, the way he licked his lips every so often, and the way his eyes opened wide when he heard a knock on the door. He pushed me off his lap and ran over to the door.

"Kylie." He said, sounding relieved as he opened the door.

I pulled my shirt on, huffing as I watched them kiss in the doorway. You fucking slut, Ashton Irwin. I cursed in my head as I pushed past the stupid one with cascading curls and ocean blue eyes. I was certain I would punch her out if she called me back with that stupid smirk on her face because she knew she won.

Just as I was about to get off the front lawn, Michael appeared, a light smile on his face, starting to ask me how it went. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him, needing Ashton to be just as angry as I was, needing Ashton to feel something, needing Ashton to be jealous.

He put his hand on my waist, deepening the kiss and slipping his tongue in between my lips. I couldn't decide whether or not I felt good or bad about hearing the gasp, but I smiled anyway. Michael pulled away, his hand slipping down to mine as he smirked.

"My place or yours?"

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