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 his book is dedicated to my original fans because without them I would not have had the courage to share my writing with ALL of you wonderful people. <3



                 King Brutus sat regally on his throne with a bored expression. A long, velvet cape spread along the backside of his chair, which he traditionally wore, as well as a golden crown with jewels that glistened in the sunlight. The crown had once been his father's; who was a good king but far too sympathetic towards the humans. Like every king before him, the court grew tired of his reluctance towards enslaving the human race and their dissimilarity in politics. Brutus had challenged the rest of his brother's for leadership once the old hag was slaughtered, won and was soon after appointed king of the vampires.

            The king's hair resembled a ravens wings: black and smooth, cascading to the center of his back. Coal eyes lit red with hunger along his chiseled pale face. No creature crossed King Brutus, challenged him, or even looked at him funny. That is, unless they did not like their head attached to their neck. This vampire king was the harshest of the Fane royal family, the most feared and the best swordsman ever known. That being said, he was a savior to the vampires, the first to contribute to the extermination of vampire slayers--who had before been ignored by the vampire regime and the first who sought to enslave the humans. All of the years of battle, hardship and loss the king had withstood and had seen throughout his lifetime, it seemed only natural for the King's hear to be as frigged as a winter mornings frost.

            As King Brutus stood, two stunning, identical vampire women with sharply carved cheek bones stepped from behind his throne, unfolded his cape, and carried it as King Brutus unhurriedly rose from his spot, arms outstretching towards his beloved court.

            "My people," Brutus began in his baritone voice. The court all acknowledged him with a bow and polite murmurs. "Today is a day of exciting new beginnings. Worry not; I assure you tonight will be quite interesting. Perhaps you will enjoy it more than myself. As you all are more than informed, this is not a casual assembly. This is a trial. A trial that you all have been patiently waiting for--"

            As he came forth to the edge of the court's front row, a small vampire girl giggled at the raven-haired king's endless red cape, ceasing his train of thought entirely.

            Brutus jerked his head towards the annoying sound.

            The girl stood next to her mother at the edge of the third row, nervously flashed him a fanged smile. The king paused as he noticed the tiny little person, gazing down at her with his disturbingly empty eyes. Children. He hated children.

            "Do not interrupt me or I will feed you to the newborns," Brutus snapped, peeling back his lips in a threatening hiss.

            The girls cheeks flushed. "I do apologize, Your Highness."

            The king glared at her a few more moments before clasping his hands behind his back and pacing the room.  Already the court was enthralled by King Brutus' presence. "I hereby declare this day the first necessary step towards a revolution," Brutus began with authority. "My people, vampires are born more dominate than the human's. We are bred to be warriors...leaders, yet we have fought separate wars in our own isolated conflicts and killed our own kind. We feed on a race that insists on caging us and jabbing on our limbs to understand our powerful strength. I encourage you all to stand by my words as I say our children and our children's children must come to realize the most important difference between the humans and themselves is that they are food and we are predators. That does not mean we cannot live amongst them. By isolating ourselves we segregate our people from our nourishment. By isolating ourselves we cannot learn from the humans' mistakes, generate a stronger military and permanently enslave them to our kind."

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