Chapter 35: Matchmaker Fail

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"None of your business. Just fuck off Zelo," Nayeon glared at him and then stomped away.

"He seriously needs to fix his attitude." Daehyun mumbled what we were all thinking.


"I'm really concerned about Zelo, he never watches what he says," I said to Yongguk after class.

"Yeah well, what can you do," Yongguk said without a care.

"Well you were like him before too. You were suuuuuch an asshole," I said while reminiscing of the times when I hated this guy. "Well of course until you started going out with me. Now you're like less of an asshole."

"Words hurt, you know that Jieun?" Yongguk clutched his heart as if I really offended him. "But what's your point?"

"We need a girl to soften up Zelo's personality."

"You're going on about this again?"

"Of course. Like wouldn't it be cute if Zelo actually fell in love with someone? And then he would be really nice and stuff."

Yongguk laughed a bit before saying, "Alright sure. You can go run that idea by Zelo and see what he thinks about it."

I was pretty sure that he was being sarcastic, but I was gonna go do it anyway.


The next day Yongguk and I went to a boba shop (a/n* tbh I love boba shops ok, they basically have to be in all of my books lol). When we got our drinks, we sat down at one of the booths.

"So I asked Zelo if he has ever thought about going on a date with someone." I said while sipping my honeydew milk tea.

"Oh really? How did that work out?"

"It didn't. I even asked him what his ideal type was and he said he doesn't have one." I said which prompted an 'I told you so' look from Yongguk.

"Yuup I told you he wouldn't be into it."

I looked down at my phone once I saw a text pop up, "Oh by the way, Nayeon is meeting us here."

"Alright," Yongguk looked up when he heard the door of the shop open, "There she is."

Nayeon looked around the small boba shop until she saw us. She waved and happily walked towards us--different from that "off day" of her's yesterday. Apparently she was just in the midst of one of her mood swings. "Hi guys"

"Hi Nayeon, thanks for meeting us," I said cheerfully.

"Of course. I love boba." At that moment, the shop's door opened again.

"Oh look, Zelo is here too," I spoke in a way where I hopefully wasn't making it obvious that I planned this little rendezvous. I knew from my peripherals that Yongguk was giving me a suspicious look, but I simply ignored him.

It was obvious that the bright smile Nayeon had on a while ago turned into an irritated stare when Zelo took the available seat next to her. "Hi." She said without any emotion.

"Oh, feeling less bitchy today, are we?" Zelo said sarcastically.

Nayeon was about to open her mouth and say something sassy back for sure, but I cut in. "How nice it is for us to all hang out. Right guys?" When no one responded, I spoke up again, "Soo are you guys going to order some boba? The honeydew one is really good."

"I don't like that flavor," Zelo said.

"Yeah, I'm not really a big fan of honeydew," Nayeon said more nicely.

"Wow you two have a lot in common," I nodded my head and smiled. I knew Yongguk was trying to hold in a laugh. I knew what I was doing was a really bad attempt at match making--like, reallllly bad--but I still wanted to give it a shot.

The rest of the night was spent with me trying to get Zelo and Nayeon to talk to each other. They seemed pretty cool with each other during the past times our whole group hung out together, but I'm assuming Nayeon was still bitter about Zelo calling her a bitch.

"Well I'm gonna drive Jieun home now, do any of you guys need a ride?" Yongguk asked. We were now all standing in front of the boba shop, ready to leave.

"No it's cool, I'll just walk home." Zelo said.

"Yeah thanks, but I'm fine. I don't live that far from here anyway," Nayeon smiled at us.

"Oh! Well actually, Nayeon, you live in the same direction as Zelo. Zelo, you don't mind walking Nayeon home, do you?"

Nayeon shook her head, "That's not necessary."

"Fine. I'll walk her home." Zelo actually agreed. Nayeon looked at me confused, but I just grinned at her. "Let's go." Zelo said to Nayeon, who was still really confused, but she ended up following Zelo anyway.


"Hey so how was it walking home with Zelo the other day?" I asked as soon as I saw Nayeon at school.

"It was ok. He was really nice," Nayeon said.

"Really? He was? That's great! I was hoping that you two would settle your differences...sooo," I nudged, "Do you think Zelo is cute?"

Nayeon laughed nervously. I'm not sure if I was seeing things correctly, but I believe that I saw her cheeks turn slightly pink, "Um..."

"Good morning," Yongguk appeared by my side and kissed me on the cheek. Arriving with him was Zelo.

Nayeon was shyly trying to avoid his stare until Zelo greeted her, "Hey."

"Hi," She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, "How has your morning been?"

"Fine." Zelo said coolly, then tilted his head, "Do you want me to walk you to your class?"

"Yeah sure," Nayeon blushed and the two disappeared into the hallway.

"Wait." Yongguk blinked. "Is Zelo actually being nice?"

"See! See! I told you! I knew my plan would work! Look how nice Zelo is treating Nayeon now," I jumped up and down, unable to contain my excitement.

"But I was sure your plan was going to be a fail," Yongguk still stared in absolute shock. "Just yesterday he called her a bitch again and then I thought they didn't like each other."

"Don't you know by now that I'm always right? Ho-ho. Soon, they will be in love. I can feel it."

A/N* This is kind of a filler chapter because I'm kind of on a roll writing about Zelo (yknow if you happened to read my Zelo fanfic) and yeah I've always contemplated on putting Zelo in a love-ish plot in this story. Also my apologies if you're not a fan of filler chapters, but as always, it's just my personal preference when I need a break from the story, I like to read filler chapters lol. Don't h8 me :-)

The continuation of this chapter will be published anytime between a few hours from now and tomorrow morning so stay tuned lol.

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