Ashley Zehnder - Ways to Improve Your Coaching Skills

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Coaching is a profession where you are constantly learning on the job. There isn't one right way and one wrong way of doing things. Coaches enjoy the luxury of having lots of different techniques and methods available to them. The key is adapting your method to fit the team or athlete that you are coaching. Keep an open mind and you will be a good coach. You should also be open to learning new ways to improve your coaching. Here are three tips that may help you.

• Believe in yourself, don't act like someone you're not, and trust your methods if you believe they will work. Not everyone is going to agree with you so you can't let negativity or criticism get to your head. Remember that the person or team you are coaching looks up to you. If they see you are down, they will lose confidence as well.

• If you do not enjoy coaching, you should not be a coach. Being a coach is a lot of work. You have to have good management skills, be a great communicator, and be knowledgeable about the sport you are coaching. If you aren't having fun, you won't do your job well, and the people you are coaching will not learn or improve.

• Make sure that you set time aside for yourself, allowing you to escape from coaching at times. This will keep you motivated and your mind fresh. You need to unwind at times, and the best way to do this is to do something for you.

Ashley Zehnder is a knowledgeable swim coach who lives in Houston, Texas. She has coached the Clearfork Swim Club in Lexington, Ohio and at Kent State University while she was a student there.

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