1. All To Myself

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-Luke's POV-

I sit quietly in my car waiting for Michael. The clock reads 2:45 which means the school bell should be ringing any moment now. During the week, this is my routine. I get up and drive myself to work at 6:30 and get home at 2. I leave my apartment again at 2:30 which allows me to arrive early at Michael's school so he never has to wait outside for me. I know how much he hates being alone and I wouldn't want to upset him. He's always been too shy to admit how he dislikes being on his own but I can always tell. I snap out of my thoughts when I hear the high pitched ringing of the school bells alerting everyone that class has been dismissed. Now all I have to do is wait until Michael gets into my car and we can head off to my apartment, if he wants to that is. He's much more talkative when he's not in public. After what felt like forever, Michael slides into the car and buckles his seat belt. He looks over at me and gives me a warm smile.

"Hi Luke." he greets shyly. Even after being together for 6 months, he still manages to get shy around me.

"Hi baby. How was school today?" I ask as I start the car up.

"It was the same as every other day." He says with a sigh.

"I know it's boring but you only have another 3 months of school before you graduate. Then you can take courses in university that actually interest you." I remind him. "Did you want to come to my apartment or do you need to go to your parents house first?" Michael still technically lives with his parents but a lot of his stuff isn't there. He prefers to stay with me most of the time and his parents can't do much about it since he's 18.

"We can head to your place." He says quietly and fiddles with the ends of his sleeves. I smirk mostly to myself since Michael isn't looking at me and begin to drive. This is also part of our routine. After I pick him up, we usually go back to my place and I fuçk him. Sometimes he wants it rough and other times he likes it more gentle. I don't care what he wants because I'll do anything for him. I try not to show it but I want him in the worst ways and no one else can ever see him so vulnerable. He's mine and mine only. I don't share. Soon we arrive back home and we walk through the apartment building to the elevator. I hit the 3rd floor button and we begin moving up. Michael keeps his gaze on the floor and I take my time looking him up and down. He always looks so beautiful. The elevator stops and we both step out and head to the door marked 4C. Michael's gnawing on his bottom lip as I unlock the door. He knows what's coming and he's excited. He's always excited for me to fuçk him and mark him as mine. I wonder how he wants it today. Whether he wants sweet gentle love or rough fuçking. I open the door and let Michael walk in first. He puts his school bag down and takes off his jacket. He slowly turns towards me and bites his lower lip.

"Baby..." I practically growl. I was getting impatient, something unusual. Normally I was fine with Michael taking his time but today I just needed to fuçk Michael hard.

"Daddy." He whispers. That was all I needed to hear as I quickly walk towards him and pick him up. His legs immediately wrap around my waist and his hands cling to my shoulders.

"Daddy's gunna take care of you, baby boy. Gunna show you how much I love you." I tell him before kissing him hard. He whimpers into my mouth and let's me do what I want with him. "All mine, right baby?" I growl in his ear.

"Yes, Daddy. All yours." He whispers in reply.

"No sharing."

"Of course not, Daddy. No sharing." And with that I carry him up to the bedroom and lock the door behind us.

A/N so this is a new book (obviously) that I'm kinda excited to write. Basically it's just smut. It's dom!Luke and sub!Michael with some daddy kink and possessive mannerism from Luke. In this story Michael is 18 and close to graduating high school while Luke is 23, has a job and basically lives to take care of Michael. Most chapters will have smut or some form of it and there's a story line but basically it's just an excuse to write smut. Chapters might be slightly shorter but with shorter chapters I'm hoping I'll update more. Alright enjoy!!!! (Hopefully)
~Mitchy<3333333 xxxxx

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