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Every day, every night,

Going slow, too slow, for so long.

Carrying half a heart,

And too much liquor.

Grey clouds, raindrops

Howling winds, rumbling thunder.

As clouds battle

Obscuring all of Sun's rays.

Umbrellas, coats,

held onto, tight

Hoping for enough time

Just to get home.

A single red ribbon,

tied to a box,

is placed on the table.

He had come in quietly,

Using his own key, after so long.

She emerges from within;

Her scent hits him before the vision.

"Strawberries and vanilla", he whispers,

to himself


She stops and stares.


He'd prepared himself for this moment. But,

He took in her fragile form,

Hair wet, sticking to her bare shoulders.

Torso clad in a pyjama-dress..

And he forgets everything.

"I...I'm so sorry, baby.."

That is all he can say,

Before sobs take over his body.

She comes close; he can feel it,

runs a hand softly through his hair

repeatedly. Then stops.

He calms down, looks up.

She's moved away, bent over a table.

He gets up, dusts himself off.

"I brought you something. It's on the table. I'm.."

"No, wait"

Time freezes.

He holds his breath.

She walks over, takes his hand.

Squeezes it hard, releases it.

The moment is over.

-When did her hand become so rough?-

He leaves, not looking back.

His fists are still clenched,

to retain whatever warmth she had transferred.

But it seemed pointless now.

He frees his hold.

A white butterfly flutters to the ground.

It doesn't move.

A paper.

He bends down,picks it up.

Her messy script.

"Dinner. Saturday. 7.30"

His lips part in surprise,

His heart begins to mend;

a smile spreads across his face

as he looks up.

The storm has passed,

And looking down at him,

is a rainbow.

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