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Hey guys!

Because of the inspirational response from all of you readers, I am planning for my next publication on this site. Only this time, it's going not going to be me bitching about every cliche. This time, YOU can send requests for me to critique YOUR story!

So, make sure to keep an eye out for "Wattpad Critiquing!"

Basically, it will be me doing a short (200 word) review of a story of your choice. I will probably read 3-4 chapters and let you know the initial impression I get of your novel. Of course, it will be narrated  by humorous self.

But don't worry, I'm not too harsh. I ain't gonna lie to you darlin, but I would never blatantly tell you you're shit and humiliate your work.

Just want to make this clear: if you want me to look at your story, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS CHAPTER. I will not see it. I will ignore it. But you are more than welcome to request where instructed (you can find Wattpad Critiquing on my wattpad profile).



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