Chapter 4: The Party/ Honeymoon

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Astrid's POV

Hiccup and I were in the Great Hall celebrating with everyone. There was a band playing music and I danced with my friends and my new Husband. We had an amazing time and this is a day I will never forget.

There were also a few drunks. Snotlout was stumbling around drunk when he came to me. He put his hand on my back and slowly slid it down to my butt. I grabbed his arm and twisted it back behind his back, making him groan in pain.

"What do you think you're doing?" I hissed. He tried to squirm free, but my grip was firm on his arm.

"What? I thought you'd like that, Astrid." He slurred.

"I'm married now, Snotlout! Of course I wouldn't like it! And if you EVER touch me again, I will break every single bone in your body!" I hissed again, letting him free and pushing him away. He staggers off, not taking a single glance back. I smirked knowing I made my point. He starts to flirt with some village girl. Moron.

I was getting tired so I went to a table and sat down, watching all the people dancing and the drunks stumbling. Hiccup joins me with a pack of papers that I assume are the wedding agreements. He sets the papers down and then sits beside me, wrapping an arm around my waist, pulling me close.

"So, we better get started on this because we can't go on our honeymoon until its filled out." He places a quick peck on my cheek and returns to the papers.

"Okay, lets get started." I say unenthused.

We flip through the papers, filling out anything that needed to be filled out. We finished, Hiccup announces it and everyone goes crazy again. They all push us out of the Great Hall and into the village square. There, I see Toothless. He has metal mugs tied to his tail and a new paper tail fin that reads 'Astrid and Hiccup Haddock, Just Married.' Hiccup climbs on Toothless and helps me up. We fly off into the night, my hands wrapped around his waist and my chin resting on his shoulder.

"Every time I see this view, I fall in love with you all over again." I say as I lean forward and kiss his cheek. He smiles and turns around to kiss me on the lips.

We fly for what feels like hours, when we finally land on the beach of a small empty island. Most of the island is just forest. Gods he knows me so well, I love the forest! We make our way to the forest. As we walk for what feels like minutes, we finally reach a small house.

Hiccup picks me up and carries me bridal style to the house. We are about to walk in when SMACK! My head hits the doorframe making me clutch it in pain.

"Hey, watch what you are doing, Haddock!" I say, poking him in the chest.

"You're a Haddock too now, you know."  He chuckles, putting me down.

Inside the house, there is a kitchen and living room combined. On the left side of the room there is a door that leads to the bedroom. Hiccup turns me around to face him and he stares into my eyes.

"Welcome, Mrs. Haddock, to our vacation home."

"Very nice. We have to explore the forest tomorrow!" I chuckled

He kisses me deeply. These weren't like our usual kisses, this was rough and sloppy. Our usual kisses are full of passion or are just little pecks, this was different. He places his hands on my hips and pushes me up against the wall.

"Jump...up." He commands, breathlessly between kisses.

"Yes, sir." I joke and we both giggle. He carries me to the bedroom and we fall on the bed, him on top of me. He sits up to remove his armor and shirt before returning back to me.

"Wait... Hiccup... Its my... First..." I try to say between rough kisses.

"I know." I push him back a little, looking into his eyes.

"Just,... Go slow, please." I command more than plead. And with that, one thing led to another and you know the rest.
Next Morning

I wake up in Hiccups arms. I snuggle closer, never wanting to leave.

"Well good morning beautiful." He says, in his morning voice before kissing my forehead. I look up at him, searching his emerald eyes.

"Good morning." I answer back.

"I'm going to make breakfast, are you hungry?"

"Yeah, but I want to lay in bed a little longer. You go on ahead and feed Toothless, I'll be down in a bit." He gets up and slips his pants on before giving me a kiss and going down stairs.

I lay in bed a couple minutes longer before getting dressed and heading down stairs. I sit on the couch watching Hiccup cook. He didn't have a shirt on so it was easy to see his muscular back working. Thats something I haven't mentioned yet, Hiccup has really buffed out over the years. I put him through a training course and i am quite proud of the results.

Hiccup brings two plates over and and we sit on the couch and eat. When we are done, we go back upstairs to pack our things so we can leave tonight after we are done exploring.

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