56. Shopping

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56. Shopping

Harry POV

I grabbed some light pink roses from the local florist. Rose told me they were indeed her favourite. I wanted to get her something to clear my guilt. I looked at the check out noticing it was none other than Hannah.

A lump formed in my throat, and my breath stiffened. She turned around and looked at me. Her eyes widened, then narrowed mischievously.

"Harry, is that you babe?" She walked towards, me her blonde hair swaying behind her.

"Uh-" my voice caught. I've never been this nervous. Hannah usually wouldn't make me nervous, she was just my hook up, but this is terrifying.

"You alright, babe?" She asked all of a sudden inches from me. My hands started to tremble.

"I just need-"

"Me?" She pulled the string of my hoodie.

"No." I said defiantly.

"Come on, you're still single, right? You dropped little miss virginity UK?" She spoke with venom. I shuddered rolling my eyes. How dare she say something like that. Rose is respectful.

"No, I kept her around; realising you were my biggest mistake." Hinting a threat to back off she let go, but still stayed close; with her arms over her chest as her boobs nearly popped out of her v neck.

"Come on, we had fun."

"Had is the key word." I retorted walking past her and going to the front desk.

"I'm the only one here." She said as she stood by the front entrance, flipping the sign to 'Sorry were closed.' And locking the door.

I arched an eyebrow rolling my eyes. She came over behind me, pulling her apron over her head and setting it on the counter. She grabbed my hand, and pulled me closer to her face.

"Don't push it, Hannah." I spat. She pushed me backwards. She climbed onto the tabletop, and wrapped her legs around my waist, just like Rose does. He started kissing me, holding me into her, and kissing me. I struggled to unlock her tightly clasped legs, and when I did, she rolled her eyes. "Get off me." I demanded. She obeyed hopping down and pushing me back.

"Oh fuck you! She's changed you to her perfect mold, hasn't she?" She snapped sourly.

"No, I'm still me. I've just lost interest in you." I shot back, she rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

Silence came over the small shop, and she cleared her throat.

"So what did you want?" She asked rudely.

"I want two dozen pink roses." I demanded.

"Two dozen? Who died?"

"My desire for your frumpy arse now hurry up." I pushed the money at her. She rolled her eyes and huffed loudly. She rang me up and went into the back of the room getting my flowers.

I waited in the front checking my phone for messages.

8 new messages all from Rose.

Rose: When you come home bring some chicken.

Rose: and mashed potatoes. You know the ones I like.

Rose: Some more tea too! You drank it all! :(

Rose: Ignore the last message! I found some! :)

Rose: maybe I want pizza...

Rose: what do you want for dinner?

Rose: just being home something hot!

Rose: and don't take it that way you cheeky turd! ;)

I laughed to myself and saw Hannah come back out with all my flowers.

"Ya know, you were never that good in the first place." She pushed the flowers at me and walked to the front flipping the sign back around.

"Yeah you weren't either. Just free entertainment." I took the flowers turning around.

I won that battle.

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