kurama one shot - I Could Never Take Away Your Memory Of Me-

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Your name is ayama

You were sleeping in the forest peacefully until you heard some yelling. But you kept your eyes closed waiting to see who it was. You were an ordinary person, no powers or anything. But you loved nature, which is why you would come here every day and just listen to the sounds that were here.

“hey! Guys! Look over here!” it sounded like a guy. Although it sounded like a kid but you could tell that he was a grownup. Or pretty close. But he sounded down right dumb. You heard another guy say

“what the hell is your problem Kuwabara?” so that must have been the stupid guy’s name.

“oohh..pretty girl…” you weren’t going to say anything until you felt a hand on your leg and it was slowly moving up. Your eyes widened fast. And you wasted no time in getting up and kicking the guy in the face. He fell back painfully. You weren’t a spirit detective or anything but you hated it when guys touched you, or when someone pissed you off. And the last thing people should do is that. Although, you didn’t know about demons or anything like that. You glared at him.

“if you dare touch me again you will regret it, and it will be twice as hard next time.” you say in a death tone. The perverted guy who touched you, otherwise known as Kuwabara had orange hair, kind of poking up, you could tell by his body that he was muscular, but he looked like a stuck up fool. Which you were pretty sure that he was.

Someone began laughing at him. Which was the guy who was speaking to him earlier. He had black hair, was wearing a yellow shirt, he was skinny. He looked way smarter than Dufass over here. Which he was still on the ground. The black head began laughing his head off and going into laughter.

“wow! Hashanah!! You got your ass kicked by a girl!! Your so stupid! I knew you were stupid but I didn’t think you were that dumb!” he sits up rubbing his head.

“shut up Uremeshi!” So..Uremeshi must have been his last name. but what about his first? Uremeshi was still laughing as hard as he could.

“why you little-” “can you shut up already?” you looked over and saw these two other guys walking over. One was kinda short. He was wearing all black. Emo much? He had spikey hair. The other was wearing a purple kind of suit. He had flaming red hair. And his eyes, they just took your breath away. They were these light green hazel, and you could get lost in them so easily.

They were both walking over with their hands in their pockets. The short one had no emotion on his face whatsoever. And the red head, kinda did and kinda didn’t. although he looked slightly amused by something. Kuwabara looked over at you and tried to grab your but again while you weren’t looking. You had another anime vein on your head. And turned around and punched him flat on the face.

He flew back and landed hard on a rock. Kuwabara had to shake it off so he didn’t look like an idiot in front of everyone. Which was impossible for him to hide. He stood up and ran over to the small kid.

“shut up Hiei!!” so Hiei was his name. Kuwabara went right up to him about to punch him. he held his fist right in his face. He was ready to punch but Hiei didn’t flinch.

“you are the biggest idiot I have ever met. And I thought Yusuke was dumb.” he stated plainfully. So Yusuke must have been the other guy’s name.

“shut up!!” they both yelled at the same time. Ok, you knew everyone else’s name but you had no idea what the red head’s name was. Cause frankly, he was the only one you were liking, mainly because all the others seemed like idiots. Including the short one who was calling everyone else idiots. But who were you to judge. You didn’t know any of them.

They were both yelling at Hiei, while he just stood there saying nothing, not really caring at all about them. So it was just you and the red head who were watching. Except you could see that he had a smirk on his lips. Apparently this was funny to him. It was like this happened all the time with these guys. Which for you wasn’t really hard to believe.

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