Chapter 2 Loyalty or Betrayal?

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A/N as a treat for all you readers. I decided to post this Chapter early. I just couldn't resist. But this will be the first and last time i do this ok? anyway i was so thrilled to come home and see that i had over 30 reads in less than 24 hours because to be honest i had no idea the numbers would be that high. Anyway, heres the new chapter. Enjoy ;)


Chapter Two Loyalty or betrayal?

Harry awoke to the sounds of hushed tones. He squinted his eyes away from the bright light escaping the office window. It must have been around midday. Hermione was standing facing the Professor's portrait. "But Professor how can that be? Why hasn't anyone heard anything about this before?"

"My dear your parents were very powerful people. It is a wonder how few people know about it at all." The professor's words puzzled Harry. Hermione was muggleborn. What did he mean?

Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes. Memories of the night before flashed before his eyes. It was over. It was all over. So why didn't Harry feel relieved?

"Ah Harry." Said Professor Dumbledore's voice. "You're awake. Please help yourself to the sandwiches Miss Granger has kindly prepared for you."

Harry stood up and stretched. He glanced over at Ron who was still sleeping. His mouth open, drooling a little. Harry's spell had worn off and Ron was snoring deeply and heavily. Harry kicked Ron's foot but Ron did not budge. Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed a sandwich from the desk. He hadn't realized how hungry he was until now.

Harry was half-way through his third sandwich when he realized no-one had said a word since he got up. Harry looked up at Dumbledore and Hermione, confused. "Did I interrupt something?"

Hermione sighed. "No not really. We were just thinking Harry. I don't think you will want to join me after you find out what's going on."

Harry frowned. "I don't know what you mean."

Hermione took a deep breath. She looked close to tears. "Harry you need to understand something." She said taking a deep breath trying to blink back her tears. "You said you've had enough trouble to last a lifetime and I'm afraid..." she trailed off taking slow steadying breaths. "I'm afraid it's not over yet for me."

"I don't understand. Voldemort is dead. What else can we do?" Harry said still frowning.

"Not we Harry."


"I have to do this by myself. This does not concern you." Hermione took a deep breath and closed her eyes briefly. "Or Ron."

"What doesn't concern me?" At his name Ron had awoken. He sat up rubbing his eyes. Hermione's own had flew open at his voice. Without a word she grabbed the plate of sandwiches and passed them over to him.

"I'm going away for awhile." She announced. "I need to find my parents."

"Ay're ib Austwawia, arb't ey?" Said Ron with his mouthful of food. Hermione looked away from Ron and walked to the window shaking her head slightly. Harry and Ron looked at each other, confused. Something was off. Hermione had muttered something inarticulate, her back towards them.

"Hermione?" Ron said. Worry seemed to be Ron's new look.

"It' s all a lie." She said barely heard by Harry and Ron. She had not turned around and was still looking out the window and onto the school grounds. Harry and Ron looked at each other confused.

"What do you mean?" Said Ron abandoning his plate of half eaten sandwiches.

"I'm not who you think I am." She said.

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