Meet The Fellow Thief

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Silver rays of moonlight cast the school building in pale illumination and created unearthly shadows in corner blocked from the light. The vehement hiss of the wind and coarse rustle of the leaves only made the horror-movie-scene-in-the-making more complete. It would have been a spine chilling experience to walk into a place like this at midnight if not for the adrenaline running through Kazuha's veins.

She crept her way to the staff office and flashed a teacher's ID card at the security device next to the door. It was not her fault that some teacher dropped his ID card and failed to realize it. Then she made an attempt at twisting the doorknob with her gloved hand. It did not open, just as she expected. The door was usually unlocked during the day and flashing the staff ID would suffice. But this was midnight. Even though the security system was still on, the door was locked as a precaution. A rather flimsy precaution, thought Kazuha.
She fished out a black cotton fabric from her bag and unrolled it, revealing a variety of pins slotted into a row of tiny pockets. She squinted at the hole in the unusual doorknob, taking a couple of seconds to determine its size and pattern, and ran her index finger through the row of pins, finally selecting the most suitable one. She picked her way through the keyhole until she heard an almost inaudible click.

Kazuha had succeeded at first try, which made her grin in immense satisfaction. She kept the fabric full of pins, scooped out her torchlight from her pocket, and opened the door cautiously and quietly. Slipping into the gap, she closed the door and placed her bag on the floor.

Turning on the torchlight, Kazuha scanned the office to locate the right desk. She needed to find the PC that contained highly classified data-the exam questions. Sofa, coffee table, newspaper stand, dustbin, water cooler, refrigerator, eyes, shelves, potted flowers...


Kazuha froze. A wave of panic threatened to knock her knees together.

Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod. I know I'm being a bad student to steal exam questions, but please, please, please don't let me bump into a ghost in the middle of the night. I swear I'll repent after my thoughtless acts-actually, it was pretty much planned but- I will never ever do this again. Unless I really need to. Please.

Her heart thundered in her ribs and her feet went cold. She reversed the direction of her torchlight and relocated the pair of eyes that glinted at her. Her torchlight slipped from her shaky fingers with a soft thud on the rug in front of the sofa. For as long as Kazuha could remember, she was not afraid to face anything-but apparently, the 'anything' excluded supernatural beings such as ghosts.

"Pretend I wasn't here!" Kazuha shifted her legs and backed away from the pair of unmoving eyes. In one swift movement, she slung her bag across her shoulder and made a dash for the door.

Suddenly a large hand grabbed her shirt.

"Hey!" There was a low voice behind her.

Kazuha clamped her eyes shut and swallowed, giving an undignified whisper, "Yes?"

"What are you doing here?" The voice continued asking steadily. The grip on her shirt was firm, having no intentions of letting go.

The ghost can speak English? Great, at least the ghost isn't speaking Italian or Arabic, or I wouldn't understand him. But why the hell is a ghost starting a conversation with me? Should I answer him or is it better to make another dash to the door? How come the ghost can hold my shirt? Isn't a ghost supposed to penetrate through everything they try to touch?

"I... I was going to steal exam questions," stammered Kazuha, still not willing to pivot and face the owner of the voice.

"Steal exam questions?"

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