Some Things You Just Can't Unsee

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"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

I shot up in my bed, blinking, trying to get my bearings. I was still in my room, tangled in my sheets, but something was definitely different.

And that something was the face that was peering over at me, blond hair brushing against my face.

I automatically pulled my covers closer around me and yelled, "How the hell did you get in here, Mel?"

My best friend just cocked a hip and gave me a mischievous smirk. "I have my ways," she chuckled and then grabbed my hands, yanking me out of bed. "You have to get up!" She demanded, as I began to pull back, protesting that it was way to early in the morning for this. "It's the first day back!"

That made me shoot out of bed. "Which means," I replied breathlessly.

"Hogwarts." We both squealed, and then Mel chucked some clothes at me.

As I went to my bathroom to change, she followed and stood outside the door. I started to pull on some jeans, when I called out, "Seriously, Mel, how'd you get in here?"

I heard her laugh. "You're mum let me in," then she paused and I could almost hear her smirk. "But a little birdie tells me, you should be used to unexpected guests by now."

I frowned, pulling a black tank top over my head. "Who told you that?"

"Let's just say that me and Sirius have been discussing a lot over break."

Dragging a comb through my curly hair, I decided that it was no good, so I tied it up in a pony tail with an elastic. I threw the door open and rolled my eyes. Walking back into my room with Mel behind me, I chucked some last minute items into my trunk and then sat on it, while Mel clipped it shut. "So, what going on with you too, then?" I asked, genuinely curious.

She blew her hair out of her face and stood back up, pulling me to my feet with her. "I don't really know," she frowned. "It's like he wants to talk to me, but isn't interested enough to do anything else."

I hauler my trunk onto my shoulder and then, rethinking it, put it back on the floor and took my wand off my bedside table saying, "Wingardium Leviosa", so I could levitate it down the stairs. Turns out being a witch has a negative impact on your muscles.

"Don't worry," I told her, while I guided my trunk down the stairs, careful not to knock off any photo frames that lined the walls. "You too are totally gonna get together." I let the trunk fall on the floor and then grabbed a glass of juice to drink before we leave.

She took the glass just before I could drink it and gave me her smile over the rim. "We'll get together when you and James get together," then she downed the glass. "Or do I not specifically remember seeing you kiss him once we got of the Express the end of last term?" She said it like an interviewer, like she was trained to question me.

I blushed, refilling the glass, so that I could actually drink it this time. "It was just on the cheek," I mumbled, looking at her through the haze of the glass.

Mel jumped on the spot and let out a small scream, her hair bouncing around her. "I knew it!" She exclaimed. "Jily is happening!"

This made me stop drinking. "What on earth is Jily?"

She let out a sigh of exasperation. "Your name, duh! James and Lily: Jily."

I was about to scold her for her stupidness, when I heard pounding on the stairs and Petunia walked into kitchen, freezing in the doorway when she saw us. "What are you doing here?" She snapped.

"I live here."

She rolled her eyes. "Not you," she jerked her head in Mel's direction. "You."

Mel looked from me to Petunia with an expression that said, Is she kidding? She has to be kidding,right?

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