~Chappie 2 who the heck are you~

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Zoella's POV

The guy looks so familiar, his name too just can't remember where or when I heard it. I saw Alfie walk up to me. Oh mai gawd. I felt butterflies in my stomach. "hi, uh... Are... So are you ok?" Alfie asked " urm... I'm...Alfie Deyes... And you are?" "I'm Zoella Sugg. Thank you for helping me to get my purse back" I looked down and blushed I noticed that Alfie's shirt was really tight and I could see his abs. Alfie and I stand there like awkward idiots not saying anything for 5 minutes which seemed like eternity. I finally asked "so how bout dinner? It's to say thank you for helping me..." Alfie thought for a while before saying " sure. So I'll pick you up at 8?" "ok then...um...see you later I guess?" Alfie nodded and went towards the carpark. "shit,I forgot to give him my damn number! Alfie! Alfie! Alfred!" Alfred caught his attention. "what did you call me?" He said in a calm/angry tone."uh sorry I accidentally called you Alfred. It just seemed so familiar. I used to call this bully Alfred because he used to be a mama's boy and his mom always called him Alfred." Alfie gave me a how the freak did you know my mom used to call me that look. "well my mom used to call me Alfred. And everyone at school made fun of my name. So I hated that name until this girl with blond hair called me Alfred. She had blue sparking eyes just like yours. She kinda looked like you her name is Zoella but I forgot her last name. I don't think she's you."

Alfie's POV

Woah looking back at the past Zoella really looked like the girl I used to bully. Maybe it's her? God damn it. I'm so confused. When Zoella gave me her number I was trying to save it into my phone when suddenly, I tripped over a wire and fell into the pond. "damn! Shit! Oh my gawd. My phone! The number! "I got back to my feet and picked my floating phone. I heard an old man laugh at me. That man's face and his skin tone on his hands look so different. His laugh sounded like Sam's. It is Sam. Sam freaking pepper get your arse here right now. Sam walked over and looked at me in awe. "how did you know it was me? " "dude I've seen that mask hundreds of times by that I mean twice."

later that day

I drove home soggy and fishy smelling. Casper looked at me and laughed. "what? Never seen a mer-man before? Ok nevermind that was a lame joke."I showered just before going to YouTube to record another daily vlog. "hello guys! Right now I smell a little fishy and my phone isn't working. The reason is because I swam with the fishes in the pond. Truth is a fell over a wire that a dumbass left lying in the floor." I went on talking and talking. Yadayadayada.

~ one vlog later ~

At 7.50pm

Time for me to.pick Zoe up I remember her saying that she lived around the corner. I drove there and saw her in messy bun ,a red jacket, a glittery pink heart tee,high shorts,toms and makeup. She looked awesome.

Zoella's POV

"what to wear what to wear? Ooh I know!" I thought to myself. As I saw a red car at my gate I saw Alfie wearing very casual clothes. I got my ass downstairs and got into Alfie's car. We headed to nandos and many people stared at us. Some said that we were perfect for each other. We did some double vlogging and ate.


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