Chapter 2 of " wait and see how mean I can be

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I saw a dark shadow go across the wall then a knock on the door and me being an idiot open the door and a potatoes sack goes over my head and I remember that my dad told me that when ur introubled and can't see that u kick or punch wherever thae noise comes from and that is just what I did and kicked behind me the sack of my head and she was knocked out cold. So I dragged her down stairs into the basementand chained her to the wall with a note attached and it says " I would like to be ur friend and help u raid houses and stuff I am actually part psyco and mental k ps here is some food Alex<333"

When she wook up I ran down stairs opened the note and she read it she said "of course u can I was an outcast to" she said and I was happy I went to her house with her and had something to drink we came up with a plan. But she warned if I am lieing and she finds out that she will murder me. I looked up her last name and it was the same as mine Alex rivers and kera rivers. We r both mental and I also have long black hair and blue eyes. I'm 19 and kera is 28 hmmm I went home and laid down to think. Then the door opened and I heard tons of footsteps I look downstairs to see Allie dad Matt and Ryan and Taylor I said hi asked where they went WITHOUT ME.

I knew one thing I was nervous of what I would find out about kera what was it about her. I fell asleep later and had 1000's of dreams one in reticular stood out I was kera's sister. But that anint true I only have 2 sisters so that can't be right. in the morning while I was eating breakfast there was knock at the door I answered it and kera was standing there I finished breakfast said I was leaving for a bit. We went to her house and made plans. Great plans. When I left she walked me home even though I'm 19

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