Warning: Smut

His hands held my wrists against the bed, and his blue eyes had grown dark. I swallowed and tried to free myself from his grip. He held on tighter. Leaning in, his lips caught mine. He trapped my bottom lip between his teeth, biting down roughly. My lip stung, but that was soon forgotten as he sucked it into his mouth. Then he kissed to my ear. His accent was much thicker as he spoke. “Tonight you do as I say.”

Fuck that was hot.

All I could do was nod. He was the only person who could truly make me speechless, and he took pride in it. He smiled down at me. “Don’t move.” He released my hands.

Very slowly, he pushed himself back and released my wrists. I didn’t move at all. Instead, I watched him. His tongue swept across his bottom lip, and I thought about all the places that tongue could be. He didn’t touch me, just let my mind wander. Boy did it.

”Sit up,” he commanded and I did. “Take off your bra.” I did. “Come here.”

I crawled over to him, feeling like a cat in heat. When I reached him, he pulled me close enough to straddle him. He kissed me but just barely, just enough to tempt me to kiss him fully. Niall brushed a piece of hair behind my ear. His fingertips ghosted from my jaw to my breast, cupping it. I sighed at the touch. Then his thumb stroked over my nipple, and that sigh turned into a quiet moan.

He watched me, studied me. Leaning in, his tongue flicked my nipple. I shuddered. He smirked, happy with himself. He pressed his lips to my breast and kissed around my nipple. I begged him to do something, and he loved every second of it. My pleas just encouraged him to be even more unfair. It wasn’t until he started to nibble around that I decided to be bold. His teeth lightly dug into the swell of my breast. “Fuck, Niall! Put it in your mouth or move the fuck on!”

His eyes darted up to look at me. I gasped at what seemed like anger in his eyes. Then he let out a chuckle that caused the gasp to stay trapped in my lungs. He neglected my nipple again, opting to take the curve of my breast between his teeth. Then the pressure came. Not gentle. Rough, painful, and pleasure shot straight to my core. I writhed against his body. My thighs locked at his sides. And my back arched sharply. Through all my thrashing, he never let up. I whimpered under him, and he just increased the pressure when he knew I had just about too much. He smiled down at that angry red mark that was quickly bruising.

He leaned in close to my ear. “I give the orders around here, Rebecca.”

I nodded sheepishly. I was half embarrassed he had used one of my tricks against me and half embarrassed I like the out-of-character roughness. His hot breath trailed back down to my breast. He pressed his lips over my offended flesh. Just like that, he was back to being sweet yet torturous. His tongue soothed the purple teeth marks. He nuzzled it before he moved to the other breast. Flicking the nipple, Niall sucked the nub into his mouth. Relief washed over me as he ran it between his lips before sucking it again.

I had forgotten the boy even had hands until they found my panties. He removed himself from between my legs, and the cool air in the room made the moist spot on them evident. The pads of his fingers traced the spot, pressing into it. My hips lifted off the bed. He slipped my nipple from his mouth and watched as my hips involuntarily worked. Curse words escaped his lips, and he kissed down my body. His lips, tongue, and teeth worked their way down to the edge of my panties. Laying kisses over my skin, Niall played with the lace that circled my thighs. He tugged them down just a bit. His tongue lathed a line across my lower abdomen. I moaned as he put his mouth directly over me. My panties were still on, and he blew hot air over me. The fabric grew warm before he changed from blowing to sucking. I whined, wanting the panties off and out of the way. I said nothing. As much as I lived his idea of punishment, once was enough.

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