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✰Youngjae doesn't want his future girlfriend to wear such revealing clothes.

✰Youngjae has a very close relationship with JJ Project.

✰Youngjae sometimes can't tell whether Jongup is a genius or an idiot.

✰Youngjae, EXO-K's D.O, and BTOB's Hyunsik attended the same music academy in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang.

✰Youngjae likes respect. He doesn’t like when someone is not respectful as well.

✰Youngjae revealed he has a crush on Wonder Girls' Yenny 

✰Youngjae doesn’t like going to the building’s gym with Jongup, but rather with Daehyun with whom he feels most comfortable.

✰When Youngjae first joined the company and met Yongguk, he thought “That person’s scary.

✰Youngjae is absolutely in love with electronic gadgets.

✰Youngjae is the loudest.

✰Youngjae likes learning new words and explaining them to other members.

✰Youngjae was born in Bangbaedong (Seoul).

✰When Youngjae is too happy, he can accidentally hit the people around him. The same applies to Himchan.

✰Youngjae, "Since we are artists, when I'm up on the stage and see all the fans cheering for me, I can gain the strength to realise my dream. I can then possess the strength and the courage."

✰He likes Secret's Jieun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

✰He have an expansive belt and he always wear.

✰In his trainee days, he was chosen as B.A.P’s representing vocal and the pressure was higher than none other. However, when Daehyun joined the group, all the pressure disappeared and with having both of them sharing parts, he was happy to be able to follow through with the kind of vocals he wanted to do.

✰He officially fell in the charms of music after he entered high school.

✰Since kid Youngjae liked games, it was in 6th grade that he had the dream of becoming a professional gamer.

✰His favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.

✰He’s the "brain" of the group. At school, he had 90% in Sciences, History, Korean and English.

✰Was a back up dancer for SECRET.

✰Appeared in SECRET's "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight" music videos.

✰Placed first in JYP's 6th Audition and trained there for a year. He left the company due to personal reasons and later on a person he knew introduced him to his current company, TS Entertainment.

✰His favorite color is sky blue.

✰He love to eat meat the most.

✰His frequent habit is biting his nails.

✰He is gentle but sometimes has mood swings as an AB type.

✰He likes to sleep. He always wake up the last and is always late.

✰Then asked how he became a singer, Youngjae commented, "At a field trip, there was a talent show. At that time I sang on stage, my friends cheered loudly and it was surprising. That was the start. My dream to stand on stage is the career I want so I thought "I’ll become a singer". I dreamt of becoming a singer, and started to study music, rapidly becoming attached to the attraction of music. I love music, concentrating on that passion, I became a B.A.P member, and that’s that. I prepared at another company for a year, but when I saw that I couldn’t debut, I was contacted by TS Ent. and debuted about a year later. My life as a trainee wasn’t especially hard. Instead, in order to become a pro, I had to prepare my true abilities and individuality and I thought "This is my responsibility I have to carry" and feel pressure because of this."

✰During Inkigayo, while the boys were leaving the stage, a fan had her hand extended out with a look of longing and he went over to her and smiled at her while he linked fingers when he held her hand.

✰According to the BABY who got to hold Youngjae’s hand during the 1st BABY Inauguration, they said Youngjae’s hand was cold.

✰When Youngjae was messing with the fans, he was going to high five one of their hands until the fan in front of him had given up at that moment and turned around, leaving Youngjae hanging.

✰During Inkigayo, Youngjae was messing with the fans about whether to hold their hand or not, Daehyun came from behind and pushed him forward which scared Youngjae. 

✰During a fan meeting, Youngjae looked up at the sky and said “Huh?” making BABYs look up too, the fans falling for his trap.

✰During a performance for Unbreakable, during another member’s part, Youngjae had hurriedly tied his shoes before.

✰Not too long since they made a comeback, Youngjae told the fans, “Go buy ice cream to eat!” during a hot day of Show Champion recording and the fans shouted to him, “Buy it for us!” and he replied back saying, “What?”in pretending not to have heard them.

✰At the end of Music Bank during Power promotions, all of the artists were on stage so fans couldn’t find B.A.P and a fan had yelled “Youngjae oppa!” to which Youngjae waved his arm at the direction of the fan.

During a Daegu fan signing:

Fan: I came all the way from Pohang!

Youngjae: Zelo’s from Pohang too!

Fan: (Shocked)

Zelo: Hyung, my hometown is Mokpo…

Youngjae: Ah…Zelo’s from Mokpo!✰

✰During a Yongsan fan signing, when writing “TO,” Youngjae accidentally wrote two T’s so he was really shocked and felt bad. The fan told him it was alright so instead, Youngjae drew her lots of big hearts.

✰During a pre-recording for Inkigayo during No Mercy promotions, two fans were whispering “Youngjae oppa’s hand is so adorable” and Youngjae heard so he made a V with his fingers towards them.

✰During a fan signing, a fan was giving Daehyun her placard and gift and Youngjae asked…

Youngjae: Do like Daehyun?

Fan: Yes!

Youngjae: What do you like about him?

Just because Youngjae was seen to have given a sad face and the fan regrets not having told him, “I like you too, oppa!”

✰Youngjae was known to have been a polite student.


Credits:Kpop Life (Youngjae Facts) , B.A.P Facts , BABYZ Area

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