I Need a Rebound Guy

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The base from Tori's radio system was making the walls shake in her room.
We were jumping up, down and around her room singing to One Direction Using remotes as microphones. We laughed and took turns singing the Verses like we usually did when we have sing offs.
I did one last jump and twirled around as the song began to end and As soon as I faced the window singing my heart out, I saw two boys standing on the porch next door to our house, they were both staring at me, once our eyes connected i screeched embarrassed which made me trip over my feet And land flat on my face.

"Ahahhahahahahaha!" Was all I heard as the music was turned down low.

"Careful there clumsy girl!" Tori laughed crawling over to me, her short beach brown hair falling around her face.

Once she was close enough to me my eyes widened in urgency. "Shhhh!" I told her and got on my knees to peek out of Tori's window.
"What are you looking at?" Tori asked crouching beside me.

"They are back." I whispered excitedly.  They were moving boxes to and from a moving truck into there parents house. Both of them shirtless we watched as there muscles flexed with each lift.

"I thought they weren't coming back till next year." Tori mumbled still watching them. We didn't know them personally we only
Knew about them because of there friendly parents, who are always traveling out of town. Apparently the these two brothers leave town on summer break to go somewhere beautiful then they come back here for reasons I don't know of. Neither of them went to our school so we didn't know how old they were or where they went to school.

"We have to talk to them one day." Tori looks at me and I give her a look of disbelief.

"Pshht. You've got to be kidding me."
I laughed standing up. "You must have forgotten all of the girls that are always in and out of the house when they are there, it's insane." I stated pointedly. I might have liked staring at there hot bods and drooling over them but that's where my interest stopped. Those boys were Whores, end of story.

Tori shook her head back and forth then glanced out of the window.

"But Em, you know I want him." She mumbled watching Adam walking into the house with the last box. Adam was the one she wanted. They were both tall and lean, both had hot bodies, the only difference we saw was the hair type and color. Adams hair was a little longer and lighter and Jaxon's hair was shorter and looked almost black.

I gave Tori a sympathetic look. "Is this about Eric?"

Tori's eyes slowly Found mine. I could tell by her sudden sad expression that this was definitely about Eric.

"Of course it is." Tori replied rolling her eyes. "When is it not about him?" She let out a sigh and turned facing the wall.

"You know what!" Tori snapped. "I'm done being sad over him, I'm done feeling sorry for myself,
I want Adam and im Getting him!" Tori stormed out of her room and I ran after her.

"Whoa whoa whoa what are you doing?" I followed her down the steps. "I know Eric publicly humiliated you, and broke up with you In front of the school over your non-existent sex life but come on tori! That is not a good
Reason to go talk those boys next door!" I yelled in a panic.

It was true. Tori was dating one of the popular boys In our school last year but the relationship sadly ended when Eric realized Tori wasn't ready to put out just yet.

He actually broke up with her in the hallway in our school in front of everyone. It was brutal. Eric broke her heart and we hated him. But I still wanted Tori to pick a new rebound guy and not the boy next door.

Tori slipped on her flip flops and reached for the door handle. "Emily that is the perfect reason to move on to someone else. I'm tired of people feeling bad for me for what Eric did." She glared at the thought of him.

Without a second look at me
Tori slipped out of the front door and I yelled for her but she ignored me. "Shit!" I ran away from the door back upstairs to Tori's room to watch the boys house. I watched as Tori knocked on the door and about 1 minute passed before the door opened. Adam was the one who answered, he had his clothes on now and he seemed surprised to see Tori on his doorstep. They talked for a few seconds, I even saw Adam crack a smile as tori talked to him.

"Lucky bitch." I mumbled as Tori began walking away from his door and he watched her.  Adam actually waited till Tori got to our front door before he shut his door.

"Emily!!!!!!!!oh my god Em!" Tori called excitedly as she ran up the stairs.  I ran towards her bedroom door and we ran right into each other. 

"Owwww!" Tori groaned

"What happened?" I asked excitedly. My eyes were literally bulging out of there sockets.

"Well." Tori smirked. "Adam and Jaxon Are COMING OVER LATER!!!!!!"

"What?" I screamed in fear and excitement.

Tori then screeched and yelled.
"Only because I told them we are having a party tonight!!!!!!"

My eyebrows raised  in confusion. We never threw  a house party a day in our lives.

This was gonna be interesting.


Tori and I had lots of connections.

And by that I mean she knew A lot of people, and I only knew them because she knew them first. Our house was full of drunken teenagers and it hasn't even been a full hour since everyone got here.

                In our school Tori and I knew everyone so it wasn't a problem getting everyone to come to our house for a party. Especially since we knew Kim Elec, one of the "IT" girls in school and she was always cool with us so she invited people she knew as well and now we have a house full of teenagers, blasting music, the smell of marajuana in the air and alcohol being passed around but there was still no sign of Jaxon or Adam.
"I don't think they're coming." I yelled to my friend Carla over the music. I watched from the kitchen table that Carla and I were standing on and i frowned. We could see the whole room from where we were standing and I could see who was coming in and out of the house.

"Just forget about them." Carla suggested taking a swig out of her vodka bottle."I can see tons of hotties right now, like that one right there." Carla pointed to a tall medium dark haired guy standing on the far wall. A girl was in his face but he seemed uninterested. My heart beat picked up as I studied his face.

"I'll be right back!" I told Carla and jumped off of the table almost falling to my face. I pushed through the crowd to find Tori. I spotted her walking down the stairs and I ran right up to her.

"Tori!" I pulled her down the stairs towards the hallway away from the party.

"Adams here!" I announced and she smiled crazily.

Now the party was officially starting.

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