Wait and see how mean I can be

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HEY Im new to all this so tell me what u think none of this is real or copied cuz I haven't read any on heer so ya tell me what think


The new girl. I could tell she was trouble at fist site. Long black hair, blue eyes, tall, in black baggy pants and in her 20's ugh. It spells trouble. And her name is really pretty, kera. It all spells trouble my 2 brothers Ryan, and Matt thought she was really pretty but me and my 2 sisters Allie and Taylor just new she would be trouble. Matt and Ryan just ran outside and started talking to her and then went into her house. When they came out they said that she is really nice and we should be friends with her but me Allie and Taylor looked at eachother and said "trust our opinion she is trouble." but they just rolled there eyes and walked away. So me and my 2 sisters walked over and said hey to her but she grabbed our wrists and slapped us HARD! We told Matt and Ryan about it but they said " she is to nice to do that we should have just said to look at are backs where she pushed us the slapped us but they would of just said we did that to ourselves even though we didn't but sometimes matt and Ryan r stupid like that. That night we brought her brownies as in me Taylor and Allie but she took one and threw it in our faces. Every time she drives by our house she waves to Matt, Ryan, and our dad but gives me, Taylor, and Allie evil smerks. Matt and Ryan r two twins when they where 4 I was 6 taylor was 7 and Allie was 3 our mom left us, and our dad has taken care of us ever since now Matt and Ryan r 17, I am 19 Taylor is 20, and Allie is 16. Kera drove by and stopped at the stop sighn and turned left stopped up a little further and walked in back of our house crawled in a window and sat on matts bed and waited but instead of matt coming in to her surprise I walked in and was about to scream when she grabbed my shirt and said if I scream she will stab me and put a knife next to my neck but then I kicked her and she laid there for awhile and I new she would be back and she jumped out of the window. Then I was home alone........

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