Rakugaki no Kokoro IX. Dangerous paths

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Rakugaki no Kokoro IX. Dangerous paths

Oerba. A beautiful, tranquil town on Gran Pulse. The much hated and feared world of Cocoon, and all the other worlds out there.

As a five year old, you had never understood why your people were so despised. However you were just an innocent little soul at that age, untainted by the wide outside worlds. To be honest, you didn't even know what the concept of hate was.

Your five year old self sat on your mother's lap as she guided your small hand in her own along the paper. Your mother was the one who had taught you to paint and draw in the first place.

She had also said that there was a type of paint that could make pictures and paintings come to life, and there were two main things that you should know about it.

For one, it only came from Oerba, which made it quite rare and desirable. For two, only a select few of families could use this special ability and passed it down generation after generation. However this wondrous ability slowly grew rarer and rarer.

A grin wormed its way onto your lips as you and your mother painted the last feather of an owl.

    "Now (Name), I want you to feel the texture of the feathers. Hear the flaps of its wings but more importantly, I want you to feel its heartbeat. Can you do that for me?" Your mother asked looking down at you.

You pushed your lips out into an adorable pout and knitted your brows together.

    "But its not a real owl moma." You complained crossing your arms angrily. Your mum sighed.

"Only if you believe it is silly girl." Your mother rolled her eyes and leant back in the chair.

Looking back at the motionless picture with a scowl, and with a deep breath you stared hard at the owl, just willing it to flap its wings, or just move.

Your mother began to laugh after minutes of your intense glaring.

"What's so funny!?" You whined.

"Here, like this." She took your hand and placed it atop the bird's wing. At first a;; you felt was the smooth texture of the paper, and slowly but surely, soft feathers began to rise from the paper and tickle your hand. Awestruck you let out a squeak of surprise and withdrew your hand back as if you had been stung. You watched wide eyed as the owl literally hopped out of the paper, stretching its wings to balance itself.

You never knew that your mother was capable of this, and now she was telling you that you too could accomplish it! With a giggle and a cheshire grin you tore your gaze away from the bird and turned in your mother's lap to smile at her.

However your grin was ripped from your features and a look of horror replaced your happy expression.

Your mothers smiling face began to melt. A warm crimson liquid began to stream down from her eyes and mouth. Her smile turned into a vicious snarl making you tremble with fear.


"Run! Run You Stupid Girl! I Told You To Run! Why Didn't You Flee!?" She screeched. You screamed falling to the floor in an attempt to escape your mother- No, this creature's wrath.

The soft delicate skin on your hands and wrist began to bubble, blister and burn. You cried out at the agonising pain gritting your teeth and clenching your eyes shut.

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