Chapter 2

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I think that will be Andi

Andi's POV

The whole ride to the beach was strange. Jace was starring at me the whole time while I was talking to Lang. I have a hunch he likes me but I still don't know my feelings. He is so kind and sweet but I may like Maverick! I mean my best friend is pretty cute, but so is Jace!! I'm so confused.

Jace's POV

We finally arrive at the beach and Andi quickly hops out of the truck. I jump out and race after her. We find a perfect spot and then we hop in the water. Andi wanted to surf so we grabbed our boards and headed out. The surf was low so we just sat on the boards and talked. "So, why were you staring at me the whole ride here?" Oh crap! She actually saw that!! "I just saw a... Spider on your head so I stared at it the whole time!" "Oh really... So was there a spider on one of my eyes, because I think you were staring at my eyes?" "No, you just have pretty eyes!" Dang it!! "Why thank you, you have pretty eyes too." I played that off.

Andi and I decided to head back in so we did and then got some lunch at the shack with Eve, Mav, and Lang. After that I went back in the water with Andi and we talked some more about our pretty eyes and then Ms Moore took us home. "Hey, if you want to come over for a couple of hours you can because my parents don't come home from work in a long time?" Did Andi just ask me to go to her house? "Um, I guess it'll be ok with my mom." "Ok I'll see you at my house around 6:00?" "Yep see you there!" "Later Andi!" I went home and changed into black jeans and a blue and gray long sleeve. I put on my vans and then headed over to Andi's place. Right before I knocked on the door Andi opened it, "Hey Jace!" "Hey Andi! So what are we doing?" "I was thinking a Netflix night?" "Ok, I love Netflix!" "I already ordered a pizza so in the mean time we can binge on popcorn and candy." "Ok, I do love junk food!" We headed up to Andi's room which was awesome!! It was in the attic and was amazing!!(picture in next chapter) Andi and I laid in her bed and turned on the TV. We watched Mean Girls and in the middle of it the pizza came so Andi brought it up and we chowed down.

Andi's POV

In the middle of the movie I leaned a little closer to Jace and put my head on his shoulder. I think I like him but I also have a little feelings for Maverick!! I know I have been his best friend forever, but the other night he told me he liked me and I am nervous because I have mixed feelings for him and Jace! Once school starts I will have more time to stress because of the school dances and who I should go with! I just don't know what to do!

Sorry another short chapter! The next one will also be short but I promise the next one will be long!

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