1. Traitors and new companies

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In Mustafar:

Anakin saw Obi-Wan coming out of Padmé's ship. He turned to his wife.
"LIAR!" and he raised his hand and started choking Padmé.
"Ani...please...Ani" she begged. But he wouldn't listen.
"Anakin, let her go!" Obi-Wan commanded. "Let her go!"
Anakin finally let go. In that same moment when he released his wife he felt like everything was moving... and then it all turned black.


Anakin woke up with a horrible headache. He tried to stand up but he found himself in the ground. Suddendly, he felt a hand grabbing him and he saw two blue eyes looking at him.
"Obi-Wan?" He muttered. His vision wasn't clear.
"You know Ben?" A young voice replied. Anakin blinked twice. He found himself in a room that he knew and a boy, a young boy with blue eyes and blond hair was looking at him with a worried look.
"Who's Ben?" Anakin whispered.
"Ben. Ben Kenobi. Although you seem to know him as Obi-Wan" the boy said.
"Obi-Wan..." Anakin said to himself" Obi-Wan... Padmé! Padmé!"
The boy frowned his eyebrow.
"Padmé? Okay, let's go to the beginning... I'm Luke Skywalker. Who are you?"
Skywalker, Anakin thought...
"Uh... where are we, ...Luke?"
"Tatooine." Luke responded
"This is so weird... Uh... who's your father, kid?"
"Kid?" Luke felt insulted. "I'm 23!"
"Okay, anyway, who's your father?" Anakin reppeated.
"My father is Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker" he said, proudly.
Anakin opened his eyes widely and passed a hand through his messy hair.
"This isn't right... this isn't right... Do you know who Chancellor Palpatine is, Luke?"
"Uh... you mean Emperor Palpatine? Yes, of course. Everybody knows him" Luke said
"Emperor?" Anakin frowned his eyebrow "And... does the name Darth Vader mean anything to you?"
Luke's face turned pale and Anakin realized that.
"Who are you, anyway?" He asked. "Are you from the Empire? Are you a Sith?"
Anakin wasn't too sure about what to say. Was he a Sith? Or was he still a Jedi? This boy was his son...
"Uh... no, I'm not... I'm a Jedi.... Like your father" he added.
Luke smiled. Anakin thought that Luke had Padmé's smile.
"I'm a Jedi, too" Luke said.
Anakin smiled.
"So, you know who Obi-Wan is?"
Luke thought of it before answering.
"Yeah... he knew my father. Ben... Obi-Wan said that he was the best pilot alive and a good friend. But Darth Vader killed him"
Anakin couldn't believe his own ears.
Luke sighed.
"Yes. Ben was my first Master and like a father to me"
Anakin felt bad.
"I guess so. And where are the other Jedi? Do you know Master Yoda?"
"Yes, I know Yoda... and what do you mean? There are no more Jedi. They all got killed in the Jedi Purge"
Anakin was horrified.
"Please, Luke... tell me more about Darth Vader"
Luke smiled sadly. Anakin didn't consider that a good sign.
"First, I need to know your name"
"Uh... Hayden... uh... Starkiller" Anakin said. "My name is Hayden Starkiller"

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