Boston Wedding (Book #2 Abridged)

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Boston Wedding (Abridged)

Olivia Plymouth Series

Version .61 4/28/2013

Copyright 2013 Hallett German

Written by Hallett German

Edited by Raquel M. German

Illustrated by Alessandra German

Table of Contents

Author's Note

Introduction: For Those Who Came Late to the Story.

Chapter 1: Day 0 (Tuesday): A Hallway Conversation.

Chapter 2: Day 1 (Wednesday): A Surprise Airport Welcome

Chapter 3: Day 0 (Tuesday): A Reluctant History Lesson

Chapter 4: Day 1 (Wednesday): Hotel Lunch and Other Mysteries

Chapter 5: Day 1 (Wednesday): Argument at Rose's

Chapter 6: Day 2 (Thursday): A Run, A Walk, and an Athenaeum

Chapter 7: Day 3 (Friday): The Shopping Chapter

Chapter 8: Day 4 (Saturday): More Clue Hunting and Richard Returns.

Chapter 9: Day 5 (Sunday): My Parents Arrive and I Attend a Unique Party

Chapter 10: Day 6 (Monday): An Encounter with FIT

Chapter 11: Day 6 (Monday): Fashion Is NOT Terror

Chapter 12: Day 7 (Tuesday): Kiss and Make Up with Daddy

Chapter 13: Day 8 (Wednesday): Wondering in Woburn

Chapter 14: Day 9 (Thursday): In-Law Invasion

Chapter 15: Day 10 (Friday): A Wedding Rehearsal Like No Other

Chapter 16: Day 11 (Saturday): Wedding Woes

Chapter 17 Day 12 (Sunday) A Dinner to Forget

Chapter 18 Day 13 (Mon) I Will Not Be Denied! Olivia's Big Marathon Finish

Chapter 19 Day 14 (Tues) A Kept Promise

Chapter 20 Day 15 (Wed) Wrapping Up And Heading Home

Chapter 21 Day 16 (Thursday) Found Treasure

Epilogue Day 16 (Thursday) Found Treasure


To Boston with Love!

Author's Note

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Historians are overly kind writing about some figures while overlooking others who are just as deserving of recognition. This work of fiction provides a brief look at several historical characters that have gone largely unnoticed, such as Loammi Baldwin, Manesseh Cutler, Deborah Samson, and Joseph Bartlett. The available historical information about these men and women was used as a starting point. From there, it was "elaborated" what the person might have been thinking or feeling in their fictional journal entries. This book attempts to capture their spirit through the writing style of that period. Please take the time to read about these and other lesser-known historical personalities. But note that other characters mentioned, such as Uriar Baldwin, Sarah Baldwin, and Elezear Austin, are strictly fictional.

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